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When we decided to move to New York in 2008, I dreamed that somehow, some way, I could make money as a writer. Last fall, I finally got that job as an editor for a website. The opportunity came in the most random way and could have easily slipped under my radar, but it didn’t, and I landed that long-awaited place in the writing/media world.

Three months later, I was fired. The new website hadn’t taken off like Management hoped, and I was let go at the end of an otherwise productive work day. However,  a week later I was hired back for another writing role and that’s gone swimmingly.

All this work with words has unexpectedly put a choke hold on my extracurricular writing, namely this blog. After grinding copy through my head all day, I’ve stayed off the computer when I don’t need to be.

Writing for the masses, however, has left me missing the freedom to be myself in my writing – at times goofy, absurd and serious. It took Cool Mum to remind me that there’s a place where I can do that: this little blog of 800-some posts that we’ve worked on since July 2007. I kinda forgot…sorry about that.

I wanna get back in the swing of things here. There’s much more to say, like who I’m writing for, what I’m writing and how I feel about it all, but let’s start small.

See you tomorrow.

A very poorly executed representation of my place at the conference. (click to enlarge) - photo: northwesternflipside.com

Looking back on my time at the BlogHer Writers Conference, the opening to Jan and Dean’s “Surf City” makes a splash in my head:

Two girls for every boyyyyyy.

Though it would be more like:

One hundred and twenty gals for every guyyyyy.

I think that attendance for the conference was upwards of 250. Two of us were dudes, but it wasn’t weird at all. I only had a fleeting moment of apprehension at the very start. Continue reading

photo: BlogHer

Big plans tonight: I’m hitting Ladies Night at a bar in Midtown! Bigger plans tomorrow: Attending my first writing conference!! And yes, these two shindigs are related.

I’m taking leave of my cozy home office to attend the BlogHer Writers Conference, which kicks off with tonight’s networking reception and continues with a full day of speakers and mentoring groups tomorrow.  When I first got the email about the conference, my razor-sharp deductive skills figured that it would be largely female-focused, so I kind of dismissed it. Continue reading