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In a recent interview, I described myself as a “jack of some trades.” Since moving to NYC to find a career, people have paid me to manage an office, shoot photos and video, hand out buttons and swag at events, conduct online marketing, write a short book series, manage social media, play music, write marketing copy, design websites and edit blogs.

All of these jobs had some degree of fulfillment, and for that I’m extremely grateful. But none of them were my dream job. Music comes close, but the travel would be too much, unless the rest of the Cool Fam could come with me.  Continue reading

I’ve been doing some work from home. I used to dream of working from home: the freedom! The comfort! The unstyled hair! (Refraining from the obvious and overused anecdote about working in one’s underwear.) But with two kids in a 2-bedroom apartment, working from home wasn’t the ideal I made it out to be.

The kids could be a distraction, but it wasn’t anything that a set of cranked  headphones couldn’t fix. My work setup was the real problem. It’s really true that you get what you pay for, so given the $10 investment into office furniture, I shouldn’t be surprised. Continue reading