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The memory is vivid even 18 years later. I was hanging out at my friend Shannon’s house one afternoon. We were seniors in high school, finally at the top of the adolescent food chain in our small town in Central Florida. I slid the newspaper on the kitchen counter over to me. That moment would influence me for years to come. That’s when I found out about My So-Called Life.

Yesterday, New York Magazine’s Vulture blog asked “What One-Season TV Series Do You Most Wish Had Continued?MSCL was my instant answer. The post’s author, Matt Zoller Seitz, agreed. Continue reading

The big news around here is that Hurricane Irene about to barrel up the East Coast with New York City right in her sights. [Insert irony-laden joke about moving from Florida and now facing a hurricane, a rarity for the Northeast.]

Maybe it’s because we don’t get the Weather Channel, but we haven’t heard the term ‘hunker down’ thrown out that much. That was official hurricane-speak in FL. Unfortunately, not getting WC means that we’ll also miss the live coverage of correspondents standing on the beach, confirming that hurricane-force winds and rains are indeed strong while dodging flying tree branches and turtles.

We have two options for dealing with Irene:

  1. Hunker down. Load up on fresh water, batteries, non-perishable food, and red velvet cupcakes. Prepare to deal with power outages, blocked roads, and possible flooding.
  2. Get outta town. Pack our stuff and head west to somewhere safely out of Irene’s path like, say, Indiana.

We’re definitely not assuming anything, storm tracks included. A few years ago, Hurricane Charley rumbled in the Gulf of Mexico and was predicted to make land in Tampa. However, it quickly jumped from Category 2 (110 mph winds) to Category 4 (145 mph) and landed further south. It hit my hometown with devastating force. Thankfully, the Cool Grand’rents were okay, but their property was wrecked.

So, we’ll see what we decide. The one sure thing is that we’re not taking Irene lightly.