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“What are you guys going to do?”

The question doesn’t thrill me as much as it used to. Before, it used to mean, “Hey, it’s a Friday night full of possibilities and opportunities! You’re young and carefree with nothing to hold you down! What are you going to do??” Now it means, “You’ve gotten yourself into a ridiculous (housing/career/life) situation that you can’t possibly sustain. What are you going to do??”

When my friend asked me what we were going to do last year, she meant, “Your family of three shares one bedroom in a duplex that you share with two roommates, and Cool Mum is pregnant. What are you going to do??”

I replied that we would tough it out. After the baby was born, we’d have four months left on our lease and then we could move. I thought that we could handle anything for four months. CM worried about how stressful the small space would be, but after some long talks, she agreed.

Raising two young kids is challenging enough. Doing it in our setup was downright nutty. The kids woke each other up, so we let Newbie sleep in the living room. When the Cool Roomies came home, they had to creep around the kitchen like a couple of mice. And we constantly worried Newbie was keeping them up at night. During the day, CM was left to manage the two kids in limited space while recovering from a C-section.  Continue reading

This is from the free daily newspaper AM New York last week. This is totally me:


I don’t mean to be a baby-carting bully, but when people are standing in the middle of the sidewalk, they need some encouragement to do what normal, decent, law-biding citizens should do: get the heck out of the way.

If there were cars stopped in the middle of the highway for no good reason, what would you do? Lay on the horn. Well, the Cool Stroller doesn’t have a horn, but it has a fat front wheel that rides perfectly on the backs of peoples’ ankles (not that I’ve ever done that, though I’m curious how a busted-up Birkenstock got in our spokes).

And what if you were driving an ambulance coming upon said pointless roadblock? Well, you’d do much more than honk your horn. You’d push through the traffic if that meant saving the life of your patient. And if you’re thinking, “Well, CD, you’re not exactly in a life-and-death emergency here,” then you probably haven’t had a toddler screaming, “I NEED TO GO POO-POO” in your expensive, new double jogging stroller.

So, if you’re on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and stop in the middle of the sidewalk to ask yourself whether you just passed a Real Housewife of New York, and you happen to notice a speeding red blur behind you, roll. Cool Baby’s poo-poos wait for no one.

[UPDATE: Several bugs (in my brain) kept the video from working. It works now!]

You are cordially invited to take a tour of our luxurious and spacious home on the Upper East Side of New York City! Our ground floor apartment is a little low on lighting, both natural and electrical, so it’s a little dark – sorry about that. Just be sure to stay close to your guide or you may get lost! [embedded video for you RSS readers]