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The hot news around NYC right now is that Sex and the City 2 is holding an open casting call for extras on Tuesday. Cool Mum used to watch the show (the TBS version) while I was at my Christian band practice. Ahem.

Anyway, CM’s options for Tuesday include:

  1. Stay at home with Cool Baby and wait for him to poop so that she can clean it up
  2. Meet her friends for a playdate – always a good time
  3. Against all odds, try to make it onto one of the biggest movies of 2010

Clearly, she’s going for #3. She and Cool Baby will head downtown and wait among the sure-to-be hundreds of non-SAG actors and wannabes hoping to share screen time with Sarah Jessica Parker and Co.

The announcement said that they were looking for Urban Clubgoers, Models, Celebrity Types, Upscale Socialites, and Professional Soccer Players. CM isn’t quite sure where she fits into that list. Maybe they could use at least one Trying-to-Be-Cool Mum with a 2-Month Old Pedicure.

And as the responsible bloggers that we’re trying to be, we will live blog CM and CB’s adventures throughout the day on Tuesday. Please check back here early and often for cool updates.

The odds are that they will get in line early, but may not even be seen. Still, they’re going with friends, so they’ll have a good time just hanging out with them. And you never know – CB’s good looks got us in the front of the New York Magazine photoshoot. He may be their ticket onto the big screen. If they make it, let’s just hope that Cynthia Nixon doesn’t hold a grudge.

See you on Tuesday!

Ever since I picked up a guitar in high school, I wanted to be in a band. It was a dream of mine. In my 4th year of college, God made that dream a reality. And 11 years later, we are still together (but I’m not referring to Cool Dad Crew).

We are six days from Sunday, and I play lead guitar. My band bros are Robert Privette (acoustic/vocals), Paul Privette (bass/vocals), Jeremy Jester (drums), and Chris Privette (rhythm/aux). The most fitting bio for us is:

Five guys who consistently prove the existence of God because there’s no other reason why so many people would like us.

God has done a lot with this little band. He’s blessed many people through our music over the years; we only know that because they told us so. Because of the band, I met Cool Mum, and my cool drummer met his cool wife. One of our songs was played at a funeral in Wisconsin because the deceased loved it so much.

We’ve done the obligatory touring around US in a busted beat-up Chevy Suburban. We’ve played in Canada and Europe a couple of times. We stepped foot into Mexico for about 30 minutes.

The hardest part about leaving Florida was leaving the band behind. I’ll always have my family, and we see each other now as much as we did before The Move. But gone are the road trips, last-minute gigs, and Spirit-filled jam sessions where songs were borne from riffs.

I praise God that while I left the band in Florida, I haven’t left the band. Since moving, I’ve flown down a few times to play events. And I just booked plane tickets to a camp in Colorado that we’re doing in a few weeks. I talk with them on a regular basis and do some freelance work with our lead singer.

But enough boring Cool Dad talking, let’s hear some playing! First, you can stream our last album Bigger Than We Are on Last.fm. It’s rock – sometimes mellow, sometimes raw, hopefully sometimes cool.

And for video lovers, here’s our rendition of ‘How Great is Our God’ that we did last year at a camp in Pennsylvania. This is just my camcorder perched on the balcony, but the audio is OK. I’m a little biased in that this is my favorite version of the song, and it just might be God’s, too.

So, that’s six days from Sunday. It’s hard to envision a time when we won’t be a band, but it’ll happen someday. But beyond that, I believe that we’ll always be friends. I’m glad that you could meet them, and you’ll probably see them again soon. Rock on!


To get to and from Connecticut, we rented a ZipCar and packed 5 of us into a peppy Honda Fit. In an actual car, this was our chance to load up on goods without having to lug them across streets and on subways and buses like Cool Pack Mules.

We looked up the nearest Target to Hartford. When we were almost there, we passed a Wal-Mart, and I wondered if we should stop there instead. Then I immediately perished the thought. Why, though? What do I have against Wal-Mart?

WM certainly got me through my college years, with its affordable twin comforters, toilet paper, and underwear. Now, I’m a Target devotee. Am I just a sucker for style? My obsession with being cool might be getting the best of me – Target seems much cooler than Wal-Mart. Four  examples:

Target: Red-leather clad guys and girls strut around stylish furniture while the Target bullseye pulsates in the background.

Wal-Mart: A family touts the cheap bags of name-brand chips that one can score for the big game.

Target: The clean, red Target and bullseye lure shoppers all day and night.

Wal-Mart: The Wal-Mart sign – burdened with one more letter and a hyphen – often renames the store “Wal-Mrt” or “Wa-art” as letters won’t light up or have just fallen off.

Target: Their Merona brand is trendy enough for work and social activities, while comfortably priced.

Wal-Mart: I’m not sure who was in charge of naming their apparel line, but ‘Faded Glory’ doesn’t make me feel good about what I’m wearing. I know I’m getting old; I don’t need my khaki shorts reminding me every time I put them on. I will give WM the benefit of the doubt for the possibility of a veiled, yet unfortunate Moses reference.

While I initially had the impression that Target was more expensive across the board, they often give WM a run for our money. We just got 82 size 4 Target diapers for $14, regular price. WM may or may not match with their store brand diapers, which I’m not sure are named. UnderPoos? Fetid Glory?


I’m not knocking Wal-Mart shoppers; I’ve been one for decades. I wish we had one nearby. And cheap chips are a better use of money than pricey, boutique chips.

But as you know, we’re fighting inevitability here and need to hold on to every last shred of cool that we have. If that means propping my red leather-clad legs on stylish ottomans, then I guess we’re aiming for the bullseye.

Where does your discount store loyalty lie: Target or Wal-Mart?

This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday.