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Thanks to a Cool Grandmum and Aunt staying with us, we got to leave the kids at home to sleep while we took Manhattan by storm! We’ve lived in NYC for over three years, but I’m sure we looked like tourists Friday night on the hard-partying streets of the Lower East Side and Alphabet City.

I am still pinching myself – definitely a John 10:10 kind of night. Never have I stayed out on the town this late, even before kids! And it wasn’t even fueled by alcohol since we don’t drink. [-5 cool points or +5 cool points, depending on whom you ask] Continue reading

cool-baby-gap-casting-callToday, I was hoping to unleash a huge announcement that would change our lives forever. Unfortunately, the judges of the babyGap Casting Call didn’t have the same, correct vision.

babyGap and GapKids are holding an online casting call. Parents submit a few pictures of their kids, and judges select finalists for the public to vote on. We figured that Cool Baby had a good shot because

  1. As the R&B trio TLC would say in a kid-friendly way, CB is crazycutecool.
  2. Because there is a judging process, CB would have a better chance than other popularity contests where people get their friends and family to just votebomb the site (which is not cool).

To my disappointment, I checked the Gap Casting Call site this morning to see that the finalists were selected, and CB was unrighteously not among them. I haven’t tracked down the finalists’ selected photos, but I guess they were galaxies better than the ones we submitted for CB.

With 900,000 photos submitted, I know that the odds are not necessarily with us, but CB’s extreme cuteness should have given us some advantage. My plan was perfect: submit the pictures, have the judges do their duty and select CB as a finalist, and then, of course, have you guys votebomb the site.

I’m wondering what recourse we have now. Naturally, my first instinct was to find out Gap’s biggest rival and get CB to become their spokestoddler. Have his peanut butter complexion, big brown eyes, and curly locks make him THE face of childrens fashion and leave the Gap to rue their missed opportunity. Then, I decided to just make chocolate chip pancakes.

So, the only big announcement I have is that Cool Baby is still crazycutecool, and I’m still grateful to God to be his Cool Dad. I guess that makes me the big winner. Cute.

Today is the casting call for extras for Sex and the City 2 in lower Manhattan. Cool Mum (and Baby) are going to get herded like cattle and get judged harshly and solely on their looks. Check back here often today as we document all of the family fun!

5:30 AM – After a late night of work, I (Cool Dad) woke to my phone alarm to wake up Cool Mum at 5:30 to start getting ready. I went back to sleep while she readied for battle.

6:33 AM – CM woke me to ask for money and batteries for the camera as she raced out the door. Most women will be there with their Chanel purse, makeup, and 3 fat-free saltines. CM is bringing provisions for a small army, which is what she’ll need when I drop off Cool Baby later on.

From what I could tell in my groggy state, CM’s haul included

  • folding chair
  • beach mat
  • umbrella
  • assorted snacks
  • bottled water
  • toy car
  • camera
  • baby pooper scooper
  • diapers and wipes
  • extra pair of shoes

Actually, maybe I imagined the baby pooper scooper in my groggy state. Anyway, she’s taking a lot of stuff.

She is splitting a cab with two friends who are shooting for stardom as well. Uh-oh, Cool Baby’s waking up…

7:18 AM – I’m feeding CB breakfast. Just called CM, but she didn’t answer. The paparazzi must be swarming her cab already, blocking her wireless signal. I’ll try later.

7:55 AM – Finally got a hold of CM. They made it there OK, and there aren’t a lot of people there yet. I’m not sure of all the details, but SAG actors have the first hour and a half of the casting call, followed by non-SAG. CM gave me specific instructions on what dress CB in, so I hope I don’t screw that up. Where do I get a Dolce & Gabbana romper at this hour?

8:25 AM – It looks like this trip is already paying dividends for our crew. A friend just called and said that she clearly saw CM on the Today show around 7:30. Our friend Matt also was interviewed for local news channel NY1. CB and I are headed down there in a few minutes.

9:45 AM – CB and I are walking along 18th St. To the casting call. The subway ride was ok, though an elder lady gave her seat up for me, while plenty of young men looked away. Pregnant women with 5-lb bumps get seats, but not guys carrying 30-lb toddlers?

9:50 AM – scratch that, we were on 17th street. Ok, getting there now.

10:30 AM – I just visited with CM and her friends in line. The casting agency planned let SAG members in at 10:30, but they went ahead and let them all in a little while ago, so it may not be long before our heroes get their shot. They are about 20th in a line that continues to grow. There were probably 250 people there in line right now. News crews are interviewing people in line. And it looks like that CB is the only kid there, and he’s looking mighty dashing in the outfit that Daddy put on him. His curls are in full effect.

10:43 AM – In case you didn’t notice, we’ve been putting some pictures on my Twitter. If you’re reading this on our site, you can see the pictures on the right. If you’re on a reader, here’s the link to my Twitpic page.

11:14 AM – CM and CB just got interviewed by a news crew for WABC, channel 7, the flagship station of the ABC network! I just got a quick message from her, so when we catch up again, I can share exactly what happened.

11:17 AM – She just checked in, and they’ve been ushered inside and are waiting outside the audition door.

11:58 AM – They are still waiting outside the audition door, but they were just interviewed by the New York Daily News. I’m thankful for all of the fun that they’re having now. I pray that even better stuff happens!

12:53 PM – CM just called – it’s all done, and they’re on their way home. I’ll let her  recap everything that happened, but it sounds like Cool Baby indeed did play it cool in front of all of the new people and environments. Hopefully they’ll get their callback sooner than later. Or if SJP wants to just stop by our place, we’re down with that, too.

3:30 PM – THE COMPLETE RECAP by Cool Mum

Our two friends, Cool Accountant Girl and Cool Actor Guy jumped in a cab with me this morning. We arrived around 7am and were around 20th in line.  Meanwhile, Cool Dad took care of Cool Baby and got him ready for his first NYC audition. We were herded to multiple locations throughout the morning.

Cool Accountant Girl transformed into her SATC character behind an umbrella while in line next to the building. Cool Actor Guy advised us on fashion (calling Cool Accountant Girl’s rejected costume option “Sex and the Suburbs”) and got interviewed by NY1 . I sat in my folding chair and schemed about how in the world I would keep Cool Baby entertained when he arrived. I also fluffed my hair a bit for the occasion…quite possibly the first time I have ever done that to my already large mess.

Cool Dad made the subway trek to drop CB off with me on the way to work. Thank the Lord for cookies! He sat in my chair like a perfect angel as long as the cookies were flowing.

We soon caught the attention of a journalist from OK Magazine, who interviewed CB and I about what parts we would like to play in the movie (Charlotte York’s playdates, of course).  A few minutes later, CB caught the attention of the WABC-TV news camera, and we were interviewed again. CB was the only kid in the line (bad mum?), but because we were at the very front, we avoided any potential crowding or craziness.  It appears that his odds may be good, especially now that two of the four SATC movie characters have kids.

Just as the sun started heating us up, we were let inside the building WAY earlier than expected. CB played with a toy taxi while I filled out our information sheets. The sheets will put us in the running for future movies as well, which is a good thing, because I don’t think I will get lucky a second time with CB’s good behavior in a long line like that.

Inside, we scored our third interview.  This time it was NY Daily News asking us what we were wearing and how much it cost us. Yikes. I was too ashamed to give the real story [-5 cool points]. I said H&M for me and Nautica for CB.  But for our friendly readers, I will tell you that the complete H&M outfit cost $10 and CB’s Nautica shirt cost exactly 50 cents at a church rummage sale. I would be very surprised if we weren’t the cheapest dressed folks there!  The interview went on to ask about my thoughts on the movie, and I got to say that I was a big fan of marriage and glad to see that all but one of the SATC characters were married by the last movie. James Dobson would be SO proud.

There were definitely a few moments, as usual in NYC, where I thought, “What in the world am I doing here?” and prayed that CB would not have a complete meltdown or crazy energy burst. The friendly people in line around us provided all of the entertainment he needed as well as motioning us up to the front when we got to the audition room.

Finally (but an hour earlier than expected), we got our 3 minutes of potential fame! Two photographs of CB and I were taken, our forms were submitted, and we were out the door to celebrate with Cool Accountant Girl and Cool Actor Guy. We should have casting directors knocking down our door any moment now. But don’t hold your breath – we like having readers to follow our adventures in trying way too hard to be cool, and readers need oxygen.

I took a few pics, so here’s the link to our Twitpic page. We’ll post any links of embarassing interview material here, which may determine our cool points total.