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After taking the Cool Bros to see Lucius last month, I wanted to take the boys to see one of their faves, The Lone Bellow. We could only do an outdoor concert since any venue would be at least 18 and up. However, with festival season winding down, we only had a couple of chances left this year.

The band played a homecoming show at Prospect Park on the 20th, but we were out of town for most of the day. Our last shot was Sunday evening’s show at Long’s Park in Lancaster, PA, a 3-hour drive from us.  Continue reading


(Our road trip was 20 days long, and it’s taking me just as long to blog about it.)

So, due to the embarrassing reality that a self-driving car that could carry us the 24+ hours to Yellowstone from Indy doesn’t exist yet (really, automakers? it’s 2013), we scrapped the trip west and stayed with our friends a few extra days. How do you know when it’s time to leave your friends’ house, especially when they said to stay as long you like? Look for one of these signs:

1. The ice cream runs out.
2. The restraining order says so.
3. You have a visit with other friends planned.

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Testing out a new camera lens

After 20 days, 3000 miles and five families imposed upon, the biggest Cool Fam Road Trip yet is over. Well, ‘imposed upon’ is kind of strong. I happen to think my grade school chum Trey was pretty amused when I refused to sleep on sheets with a mere 400 thread count, and amusing people is how I bring light into the world.

Our loose outline of a plan was to stay a week in Indianapolis with our friends Ben and Polina, head west to Denver and Yellowstone, then break south to Texas to see Trey, who had taken off work to hang out, and other friends. An ambitious plan, especially with two kids in the back of our boxy hatchback, but neither Cool Mum nor I had witnessed the natural wonders of the American West. We were almost halfway there; why not keep driving?  Continue reading