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Look out, Cool Mum! There’s a new CM in the house, and I think it’s pretty cool, too – best when ice cold, actually. I’m ramblin’ on about Trader Joe’s Coconut Milk.

Honestly, it’s CM’s fault, too: She introduced me to the stuff. CM recently picked up some CM instead of our usual almond milk. Almond milk doesn’t sit well with me, which was a letdown because I thought that I’d finally found a milk that I could drink without lactose and stomach issues coming up. I found out the hard way that I was wrong.

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crockpot whole chicken

The Cool Grandmums are going to be so proud. I purchased a whole chicken at Trader Joe’s (organic, free-range of course) instead of the bag of frozen chicken breasts yesterday!

This is part of my quest to eat foods that are closer to their natural state. Right now it’s cooking away in crockpot so that I can run into the kitchen at dinner time, eat, and get the heck out of there. (Did I mention our kitchen is not air-conditioned? And that yesterday it was over 100 degrees in there? And how much do we pay in rent again?)

Just like probably 99% of girls I know, I have always been disgusted by the thought of handling a big raw chicken with its movable wings and scary bag of organs inside. I decided to face my fears head-on today!

As I rinsed Chicken in the sink, I realized that it might be good for me to be grossed-out about meat sometimes. It’s uncomfortable to think about what has to happen in order for us to eat meat for dinner (I read this somewhere).  Then I got all philosophical, remembering that Chicken had to die so that my family could have all kinds of good nutrients in our bodies. That train of thought led me to start thinking about Jesus and the uncomfortableness surrounding what he did, as I stood there holding that chicken. I’ve never had that experience cooking beans or vegetables.

So yes, even though I would be really happy to live on beans and rice and not have to deal with the bones and death of animals, I don’t feel it’s the most physically and spiritually satisfying route for our family right now. (I bet I’m earning some cool points with Cool Dad too!) Thank you, God, for meat!

Next up: chicken stock? chicken liver pate? I’ve gotta make use of all these parts!

But, Cool Dad, they're so cute!

The Cool Fam’s 5-times-daily pile of dishes in the sink just got a little greasier.

My whole job these days seems to be cooking and handwashing dishes for myself and the 3 males in my household, so more grease in our un-air-conditioned kitchen isn’t the best news ever. BUT, I have to say my latest food experiment is going well other than that.

See, usually I shop at Trader Joe’s and get all sorts of healthy stuff to eat–loads of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and lean meats like turkey and fish. I’ve rarely purchased beef because I thought it was one of those foods that was definitely bad for us. Perhaps I’ve been swayed by all the food documentaries I watched a few months ago on Netflix, or my visit to Old Sturbridge Village, or seeing the Strolling of the Heifers in Vermont, or my random internet researching, but I’m starting to believe that a little beef, eggs, butter, and whole milk yogurt might be really great for our health as long as it’s not the scary factory-farmed type. Yes, I’m talking grass-fed, organic animal products! Continue reading