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The Cool Fam spent last week in beautiful Wisconsin. The reason behind the trip: my band six days from Sunday led worship for a camp of 600+ middle schoolers and their leaders.

We led a similar camp in Colorado a few weeks ago. This time, the entire Cool Fam came along. I actually enticed CM to join us by reminding her about the all-you-can-eat cafeteria. She likes cafeterias. She dreams of hairnet-clad lunch ladies plopping turkey and mashed potatoes on her tray with an ice-cream scoop. I think she secretly wishes that our wedding reception was at our local Morrison’s Cafeteria.

We haven’t done this in a while, so it’s time to catch up on how cool we really are.


  • Cool Mum passed Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from Sex and the City) on the street. [+5 cool points]
  • Cynthia smiled at CM; CM awkwardly froze and looked away, completely blowing off the amiable celebrity. [-10 cool points]
  • CM did the same thing to Tina Fey. [-10 cool points]


  • We saw the New York Philharmonic perform in Central Park for free. [+3 cool points]
  • All of the other 240,000 people there sat on large blankets, dining on morsels they picked up from gourmet shops. We sat on a plastic stroller rain shield eating Subway sandwiches with way too much mustard on them. [-7 cool points]


  • CD got a new pair of his favorite low-rise, boot-cut jeans. [+2 cool points]
  • He went down to the Lower East Side to save a few buck and get them altered at a cheaper tailor. It took 3 hours out of a beautiful Saturday, and the hem looks like it’s falling apart already. [-5 cool points]


  • At the camp in Wisconsin, Cool Dad and his rock band led kids and adults in sweet worship. [+4 cool points]
  • The kids were asked to name a band member for a game. At one point, CD (Eric) had 0 votes, while ‘Kevin’ – a made-up band member and now my nemesis – had 7. I don’t think there was even one adult named ‘Kevin’ at the entire camp. [-8 cool points]


Just when we think we’re one step closer to coolness, we take 27 steps back. We’ll never stop trying!