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The jury may forever be out on whether we’re still cool, but it’s a slam-dunk case for my friend Eric. He and his wife and his little girl, who live in Brooklyn, are cool. I mean, check out the new music video for “Only the Brave,” the latest single from his band The Last Royals. It’s a synth-y rocker that you’ll be humming for the rest of the day/week/your life.

Their debut album Twistification on Ooh La La Records comes out January 8. If you like what you heard, click on the cover to pick up a 3-song teaser for the album.

Much like The Lone Bellow, keep an eye on these guys. Or, we’re happy to keep you updated, too.

Disclosure: We weren’t paid or rewarded or praised to write this post. Admit it – the song rocks on its own. Oh, and an affiliate link was used in this post. +2 cool points if you can spot it.

Thanks to a Cool Grandmum and Aunt staying with us, we got to leave the kids at home to sleep while we took Manhattan by storm! We’ve lived in NYC for over three years, but I’m sure we looked like tourists Friday night on the hard-partying streets of the Lower East Side and Alphabet City.

I am still pinching myself – definitely a John 10:10 kind of night. Never have I stayed out on the town this late, even before kids! And it wasn’t even fueled by alcohol since we don’t drink. [-5 cool points or +5 cool points, depending on whom you ask] Continue reading