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During a recent discussion about finances and where to live (is there anything else to talk about in New York City?), my friend mentioned that we should be thinking of saving for the Cool Boys’ college.

I might have said something like, “Oh yes, we are certainly ruminating on our sons’ ascension from the ranks of secondary school to accredited institutions of postsecondary education and our requisite financial responsibilities thereupon.” But my mind was surely thinking, “Whaaa…???

College? Our minds are just trying to process the stereo signal of little humans crying at the same time. We’re not thinking of college.

Cool Mum and I were both incredibly blessed in that our parents supported us through college. In college, I used to think that I was self-sufficient because various scholarships paid for my tuition and books and still left enough cash for basic needs like groceries and tickets to college football bowl games. It wasn’t until later that I realized that my parents covered little details like rent and car insurance. Cool Mum worked side jobs, but her parents also largely paid for her college life.

I want our boys to have the same experiences: getting to focus on their education and maybe working to help complement their parents’ support, not to make up for lack of it.

However, Cool Mum and I may have a way out. This Washington Post article explains how college graduates are increasingly shifting to skilled manual labor for their careers. They see how their contemporaries who instead learned a trade often enjoy good money right out of training, job security in a shaky economy, and tangible satisfaction with their work. Sounds pretty good when you’re trawling for jobs on Craigslist with that BA in Philosophy.

Who knows, maybe the Cool Boys will open up a plumbing business. They could ensure clean, efficient plumbing for all and perform heroic acts of justice on the side. I can see it now…


The Super Cool Bros. I would be so proud. And relieved.