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There’s something new on the blog that at the same time is something old. You probably haven’t noticed it since it was added last week or so. I’m talking about the “new” item in the middle of the menu bar that says ‘COOL POINTS.’

Long ago, when the blog was young and I was a doe-eyed dreamer at the tender age of 30, we had a fun way of keeping track of our coolness using Cool Points (that we either added/subtracted ourselves, or someone gave to us in the comments). We actually kept a detailed tally of our Cool Points, just like balancing a checkbook, except that one is a crucial life skill and the other a sign of neurotic self-obsession. Continue reading

I’m honored that my post about Sunday Ibok resonated with his friends and helped people get to know him a little. I wanted to portray the Sunday that we knew, and because of the consistency of his love, our friendship with him mirrored many others’.

Yesterday morning, three days after he was declared brain dead, Sunday was removed from life support and died shortly after. Our hearts ache for his family and his friends everywhere.

Kristen Ball wrote this gorgeous poem to commemorate Sunday.

His absence leaves a vast hole in our church, and the world, really, by the looks of the comments from his 2500+ Facebook friends. In my own small way, I want to shine brighter now that Sunday’s light is gone. This means being more proactive about spending time with people, encouraging them, ensuring that they know what they mean to me, and just making fun memories. It wouldn’t hurt me to dress a little smarter, too.

The last tweet/Facebook status that he posted was a one-word declaration: “Faithful!” I think God would agree and has told you as much, Sunday.

Jeff Rogers created this stunning piece to honor his friend with his art.

This print is available for sale now, with all profits going to help Sunday’s family cover the medical expenses.

Rest in peace and love, Sunday Ibok. A life so well lived.

Our Friend Sunday

We have a friend named Sunday Ibok. Actually, a lot of people have a friend named Sunday Ibok. Our church has several parishes around Manhattan and Brooklyn, and Sunday is known by people at every one.

He’s someone that you don’t forget easily, and I mean that in the most wonderful terms. He’s stylish, warm, gentle, exuberant, and filled with the love of God.

Last night, I prayed with friends for Sunday because he’s dying in a hospital room in Dallas.

Sunday was visiting friends in Texas over the weekend when he complained of a severe headache. When he couldn’t stand up, 911 was called. Doctors determined he’d had a brain aneurysm, and a series of CAT scans showed massive bleeding and no brain activity. He’s been on life support ever since.

For work, Sunday is a stylist/fashion consultant/brand coordinator-ambassador. This is clear when you behold his unique sense of style in person. Bow ties, blazers, remarkably unbuttoned shirts, shorts that come in a rainbow of colors, boots – and that’s at church. He’s actually agreed to give me a fashion makeover for the blog, possibly his toughest assignment yet. His style is vivacious and inviting, just like the man himself.

Sunday serves as a greeter at church, holding watch on the sidewalk for anyone and everyone arriving. More high-fives, handshakes, and hugs take place here than at any other time or place on the Upper East Side. As the Cool Fam pulls up to the curb, Sunday lends a hand to unload the Cool Boys and our copious baggage.

And we always know when he’s nearby, thanks to the NO-AAAH that he booms when he sees Cool Baby. CB usually shies away, partly because Sunday stands a good 6’2 at least, but on the times that he relents, he’s treated to a higher helicopter ride than I could ever give the kid.

Most of us, whether as friends, spouses, or parents, talk about scheduling “quality time.” It’s not really a talking point for Sunday; he lives it. He spends time with people to simply be with them.

And Sunday loves Jesus.

His medical team doesn’t think he’s going to make it. He’s been declared brain dead, and, in their experience, there’s no coming back. But still we pray, as a family, as a church, as the great swath of humanity that’s been touched by his life. Will you join us to ask God for miraculous healing for Sunday?

By the time you read this, it may be too late to pray for physical healing, but his family and friends will need waves of prayer. Or, by the time you read this, you may have already heard about the biggest miracle to ever come out of Baylor Medical Center.

It’s all in God’s hands, and we are filling His ears with prayer for our friend Sunday.

Here’s a video of Sunday and his closest friends performing a dance at church.