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We got family portraits taken this past weekend. I haven’t shared any of those photos, but I posted this shot of us taking the subway to Brooklyn after the shoot. Apparently, walking through the rain didn’t put a damper on Cool Mum and Boy’s photogenic star power.

I shared this photo on Facebook, and it may be my most liked post ever, pulling in 88 likes. That’s probably small potatoes for most, but it’s a lot for an infrequent Facebooker like myself.

If you look closely, you can even see a Cool Newbie photobomb!

M’lady, m’boy.

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Before every outing, Cool Boy and I engage in this little dance, though it’s not as fun as it sounds. It goes like this:

Cool Dad: Noah, try to go pee-pee before we leave.
Cool Boy: I don’t have to!
CD: You need to try. When we go somewhere, you need to try because we don’t want to be stuck in the (car/subway/bus) and then you have to go pee.
CB: I don’t have to!
CD: Noah, we go through this every time. Go try so we can leave! (Insert potential disciplinary action depending on how the day has gone.)
CB: Okay…
(CB drags himself to bathroom. Exits after a minute.)
CB (smiling): I went!!

Relieved, we can finally leave. It may be a game to him, though I’d prefer not to do the dance EVERY time. I guess it’s better than him doing another kind of dance on the bus.

If only I practiced what I preached.  Continue reading