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As the tech world continues to mark the passing of Steve Jobs, I’m compelled to give my two cents worth of iTunes credit and explain how, after over 10 years of resistance, I finally forsook the Empire of Bill to join the Cult of Steve.

When I graduated college and entered “the real world” (as real as the world of a Christian rock musician not using his engineering degree can be), I was finally responsible for my own big purchases. Since Macs hadn’t reached ubiquity, it was pretty much a no-brainer. The price, performance, and geek points for building my own Windows-based desktops made them the obvious choice. Continue reading

ipad2FTC regulations state that all blogs must write a post about the iPad 2 to mark its release today. In an effort to not run afoul of the law again (apparently, ‘disturbing the peace’ isn’t just a figure of speech), here we go:

I’m cheap. I’m practical. And at the risk of turning your world upside down, I admit that I’m kind of uncool. So, it makes no sense that I would use an Apple product. But somehow, the iPad 2 has caught my eye.

Last year, I was turned off by Steve Jobs’ claims that the original iPad was magical–that it would change the way we consume information and redefine our purpose for existing. Though I have to admit that the tablets looked pretty slick.

Now that the iPad 2 has a camera, Skyping with the Cool Grandparents is compelling. Garageband looks like an easy way for me to record song ideas. And it incomparably offers more bang for the buck than any of its Android competitors.

And the children! Won’t someone think of the children? Or rather, what a way to have to NOT think of the children. It seems perfect for educational games, books, and videos. The 10-hour battery life means that the iPad can babysit educate our children for quite a while.

Cool Baby is an angel in the car and very manageable on a plane. On the rare moments that he’s not, our little netbook has helped. The iPad 2 would be much easier for CB to hold and navigate. Plus, who knows if Cool Newbie will be just as angelic in transport.

I won’t be lining up for an iPad 2 tomorrow, but I’ll probably visit Apple.com 100 times thinking about placing that order.

Do you have an iPad or are you getting one? Do/will you let your kids use it?