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A couple of years ago, when we were relatively new to one of our many apartments, we didn’t have any window treatments. CM put together a private, light-blocking solution featuring one of the biggest brand names out there: Starbucks. Unfortunately, Starbucks doesn’t make curtains, but they do produce plenty of cardboard boxes.

Thankfully, we’ve graduated from cardboard boxes to fabric curtains, but the curtains that we have up still aren’t the ideal window treatments. (The joke around here is that they’re more like ‘window punishments’.) They’re kind of half-heartedly set up on tension rods, one of which falls down at least once a week.

I think part of why we have such crude curtaining is our uncertain living situation. Depending on what happens on the job front, we might need to move to another neighborhood. Or we may just come across a better deal. We’re hesitant to invest too much in a place that we may be leaving on a few weeks notice. And we conveniently ignore the fact that a window treatment project would take just a couple of hours at most.

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Upon seeing our new apartment, one of CD’s first comments was, “People can see us go to the bathroom! Privates are called privates for a reason!”

The next day, he came home to this:


A few weeks went by, and CD mentioned that he was tired of looking at a Starbucks box every time he answered the call of nature. (Please note, we don’t even drink coffee.) The next day, he came home to this:


We are anti-drill after a big failure in the last apartment, so I tried to put up a tension rod and curtain we already owned. It wouldn’t fit in that narrow window, but I figured out a way to put it at a precarious angle and keep it up.  CD still thinks it’s a bit unprofessional and that our curtain could land in the toilet at any minute.  So far so good.

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