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This Easter weekend, hearts around the world are turned toward the things of Heaven. So, I just wanted to share some music that’s turned our hearts toward Heaven.

Last Friday, some worship leaders from our church unveiled a new project called Young Oceans with a CD release show/party. It was a pretty cool affair, with the band set up in a spacious loft apartment in Soho.

To paraphrase from the band, the music is intended to be a soundscape to inspire worship, meditation, and rest. Its distinctive blend of rock, gospel, and electronic do just that. The songs have been drifting in my head for the past week.

And here’s where you come in: I encourage you to receive this music and listen. After all, it’s free through Noisetrade!

If you’ve never used Noisetrade before, it’s a platform where you can download music – legally – and pay what you want to support the artists. Here you go! (click the play button to listen to the whole album)

We hope that these modern hymns will bless you as much as they’ve blessed us.

Finally, here’s a quick moment from last Friday night’s show. Cool Mum and I went with a friend, and, though we didn’t plan on it, we had some extra company as well.

I finally found the perfect dress! And it was only $25 at Target!

This month, on three separate occasions, I spent hours scouring the stores in Soho. H&M, Uniqlo, Banana Republic, random boutiques and all. I even tried on dresses that were out of my price range, just in case. Meanwhile, my perfect dress was waiting on a front rack on the way to the diapers.

The original criteria are met in this dress:

  1. Suitable for year-round use (with leggings and sweater)
  2. Nursing-friendly (front zipper)
  3. Durable for wearing over and over (polyester)
  4. Creative and fun (ruffles, red/white/grey birds flying around)
  5. Good at hiding post-baby fluffage (ruffles again)

On top of this, it was cheap and it dries quickly for Wonderwashing at home! Thank you, Target!!!

This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday.