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In the summer of 2011, I’m pretty sure that I made social media history. I got a marketing internship with Yelp, which must’ve made me the oldest Internet intern EVER at the age of 34. In a field with CEOs in their 20s, I think that intern positions are most often given to middle schoolers, or at least college students like some of my fellow interns.

As part of my internship, I got the snazzy I * NY shirt that you see at the right. The shirt’s just for Yelp employees, and we wore it when we worked at events. The asterisk-looking symbol is the Yelp Burst, a part of their logo.  Continue reading

instagramSeveral friends have approached me with great ideas for mobile apps to develop together–apps that would meet unrealized needs in people’s lives and earn us a cool million dollars or so in the process. Our surefire plans for financial stability are often impeded by our collective lack of knowledge in the fields of software development and graphic design for mobile devices.

However, I may finally have an idea that will bring the fortune that would buy all of the cool points I want. First, some background:

As technology and culture barrel forward, there exists the need for humans to look back and appreciate where we came from. Nostalgia is powerful, as can be seen by the resurgence of 1950s fashion (Mad Men) and caveman sensibilities (Charlie Sheen). We pick the choicest parts of yesteryear and adopt them into our lives.

This may explain the massive popularity of Instagram, the service that enables users to take vintage-style photos (like the classic look in the urban landscape above) with their iPhones and share them on Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr. The service recently surpassed 4.25 million users.

Well, I’ve come up with five brand new photo styles, or filters, that I’m confident that Instagram would love to purchase from me at great cost. I’ve calculated that these filters will add at least 38% more sentimentality to Instagram users.

Consider this photo of the Cool Boys in Central Park.


The photo is cute, but my new filters could make it timeless. Let’s see how my ideas can add some old school to our picture. Continue reading

I haven’t done a Cool Demographic Survey on this, but I bet most of you use either Facebook or Twitter. Many of you probably use both.

Cool Mum consistently uses Facebook to keep friends and family updated on our (mis)adventures here. She’s not a Twitterer. And chooses not to be for fear of Cool Baby scaling the Empire State Building a la King Kong while she’s tweeting her latest celeb sighting. He does have apeish tendencies after all.

I both tweet and ‘book in waves. I love to communicate, but as work and other projects come and go, so does the time that I can spend on those sites. Maybe if I picked one site to focus on, that would help.

So, help a cool dad out. Of course, I need to be on the site where the coolest, hippest, and bestest happenings are going down. Thus, the need for a social media Cool Duel.

Which one is cooler: Twitter or Facebook?