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Garbage Disposal
TV and DVD player
Nonstick coatings on pans
Electric stove (We have gas. I mean, um, the stove uses gas!)
High chair
Real crib
Window screens
Nintendo Wii (CD’s contribution to this list, of course)
Musical instruments

and most importantly: Chick-fil-A! Can’t believe we’ve gone 2 months without it. And we’re still completely happy here.

Randy at Visual Coma just thanked us for inspiring him through our Monday cool chats. Well, thanks back at ya for the thanks and for always coming around!

We are settling back at home after getting home from separate road trips. CM’s: 2 hours. Mine: 14 hours. It’s good to be home.

Now, the real fun begins. I’m now unemployed. We’re moving to NYC. Lots of plans still up in the air. Let’s chat tomorrow night to work it all out.