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cool_dad_cool_baby_slingThis blog kicked off soon after the birth of Cool Baby and documented the discoveries and surprises that came with raising our first baby. Now that we’re on our second kiddo, we don’t get surprised as much. We’re pretty good at preventing blowout poops, and we feel comfortable giving Cool Newbie a bath.

I thought it would be fun to look back at posts from when we were just learning things and see how raising a baby is different this time around.

In one of our first-ever posts, Cool Mum listed the six best baby products that we owned at the time. From that post:

  1. Baby sling. I promise it’s not because of the high celebrity usage. This thing is like an anti-crying sleeping pill with a stamp that says “good for baby.” Plus, you can do productive things while wearing it…like checking Facebook or playing the Wii.
  2. Waterproof pads. Just assume the diaper is going to leak and put these things everywhere.
  3. Boppy pillow. Swallow your pride and call it by its real name. Just not in public.
  4. Swaddling blankets. The blanket version of the velcro shoe. Added bonus: makes your baby look like a little burrito.
  5. Nursing tank tops. You’ll see.
  6. The vibrating bouncer!

For a while after Newbie was born, many of these things were still in Florida. We (I) refused to buy this stuff again, and we finally reclaimed them from our parents’ houses after a recent visit home.

Here’s the Where Are They Now? for the six best baby products three years ago:

  1. Baby sling. After we went everywhere with the baby sling, it’s been relegated to the back of the underwear drawer. Cool Mum didn’t like how Newbie’s head could be pushed forward chin-to-chest if you didn’t pay attention. The Cool Baby Carrier of choice has been the Moby Wrap.
  2. Waterproof pads. Thank God for ’em. They still save us from wading in spit-up and poop.
  3. Boppy pillow. I kinda took this one over. Now CB uses it the most to lay and play upon.
  4. Swaddling blankets. Tried and true, they keep Newbie tight and warm, which is especially important when our heat doesn’t come on in 33-degree weather. (Grrr…)
  5. Nursing tank tops. Still CM’s official uniform.
  6. The vibrating bouncer! I remember the sweet quiet afternoons when CB slept in the vibrating bouncer while I played the Wii watched over him. Sadly, the vibrating bouncer didn’t make the trip up to NYC and got musty and even a little moldy in the back of a closet through two humid Florida summers. It was last seen in the ‘Giveaway’ pile at my mom’s house.

Looks like half of the products made the cut to the second round. Wherever they all end up, at least they had their moment in the spotlight together on our Six Best Baby Products list.