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We were lied to this weekend, by everyone – friends, colleagues, the media. Turn your clock back tonight, they said. Enjoy an extra hour of sleep!, they touted.

While most everyone “fell back” and had a bonus snooze after their wild Daylight Savings Time-themed raves and masquerade balls, we were more sleepless than ever. That’s what happens when you have kids who are physiologically conditioned to wake up at a certain time, say 4:00am.

Do you think Cool Newbie cares about supposed societal policies to conserve energy, maximize harvest times, and make people too early to church? His sweet li’l baby nervous system wakes him up at a precise point of time every morning, and it doesn’t care if it’s 4:00am EDT, or 3:00am EST.

Hearing this news of extra sleep was just cruel – a turn of events so sinister that it can’t be coincidental. And I know exactly who to blame: Corporations! Continue reading

You think that we would’ve figured this out by now, but putting Cool Newbie to bed is usually a challenge.

I know that’s nothing alarming and that there are many parents who have the same issue. But aren’t there parents out there who don’t have this issue? They put their baby down around 7pm and enjoy each other’s company sipping fine wine and discussing the niceties of the day along with some happenings in an obscure part of the world that they were made aware of from reading the New York Times.

There are several points that keep us from achieving such a pleasant quality of life:

  1. We don’t drink alcohol. Not really as a matter of principle; just never got into it.
  2. We are Americans and are generally unaware of happenings in obscure parts of the world.
  3. We are New Yorkers and are generally unaware that the world exists outside of NYC.
  4. We are computer geeks and swore off newspapers long ago.

And this all comes back to the matter at hand: putting this kid to bed.

Any tips on getting a 5-month-old to consistently chill and fall asleep at a decent hour?