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photo: Julie Jacobson (AP)

Historically, I’ve followed college football more closely than I have the NFL – a natural result of having lived in my college town of Gainesville, FL for 14 years. I’m a fan of the NFL’s New England Patriots, and I want them to do well, but pro football is usually no more than a passing interest as the season rushes by.

However, this year has been different. First of all, the Florida Gators stunk. Moreso, I’m tuned in to the NFL this season because of its story of the year, the unlikely success of Denver Broncos quarterback (and Florida alum) Tim Tebow. Continue reading

It was August 2002, and our band played at a summer camp near Toronto. It was a blast: the people were kind, the nature around us – the lake-spotted forest – was gorgeous, and everyone was locked in when we led the music.

My fashion choices were a blast, too, as in, “Blast! What was I thinking??” I wish someone would’ve advised me to 86 that medium/large 86 shirt that’s hanging off of me. Not sure what my fashion-forward friends would say, but I was digging the leather-braided necklace. My friend gave it to me. Continue reading

The Cool Fam spent last week in beautiful Wisconsin. The reason behind the trip: my band six days from Sunday led worship for a camp of 600+ middle schoolers and their leaders.

We led a similar camp in Colorado a few weeks ago. This time, the entire Cool Fam came along. I actually enticed CM to join us by reminding her about the all-you-can-eat cafeteria. She likes cafeterias. She dreams of hairnet-clad lunch ladies plopping turkey and mashed potatoes on her tray with an ice-cream scoop. I think she secretly wishes that our wedding reception was at our local Morrison’s Cafeteria.

We haven’t done this in a while, so it’s time to catch up on how cool we really are.


  • Cool Mum passed Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from Sex and the City) on the street. [+5 cool points]
  • Cynthia smiled at CM; CM awkwardly froze and looked away, completely blowing off the amiable celebrity. [-10 cool points]
  • CM did the same thing to Tina Fey. [-10 cool points]


  • We saw the New York Philharmonic perform in Central Park for free. [+3 cool points]
  • All of the other 240,000 people there sat on large blankets, dining on morsels they picked up from gourmet shops. We sat on a plastic stroller rain shield eating Subway sandwiches with way too much mustard on them. [-7 cool points]


  • CD got a new pair of his favorite low-rise, boot-cut jeans. [+2 cool points]
  • He went down to the Lower East Side to save a few buck and get them altered at a cheaper tailor. It took 3 hours out of a beautiful Saturday, and the hem looks like it’s falling apart already. [-5 cool points]


  • At the camp in Wisconsin, Cool Dad and his rock band led kids and adults in sweet worship. [+4 cool points]
  • The kids were asked to name a band member for a game. At one point, CD (Eric) had 0 votes, while ‘Kevin’ – a made-up band member and now my nemesis – had 7. I don’t think there was even one adult named ‘Kevin’ at the entire camp. [-8 cool points]


Just when we think we’re one step closer to coolness, we take 27 steps back. We’ll never stop trying!