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My alter-ego recently tweeted this while browsing apartment rental listings around New York:

Listed as one of four amenities in apartment listing: Light. #hoorayithaswindows #oramassiveholeinroof

For real. I think that the other amenities listed were

  • Hardwood floors – which we like.
  • Subway – which shouldn’t count as an amenity unless I can step out the front door directly onto a train.
  • A fourth one which I can’t recall. Toilet? Oxygen?

I’m vowing to myself that this will not be a “We chose to live in New York City and have it so tough boo hoo” post. The living situation here is just comical in the obscene prices that you pay for simple conveniences, and I like to talk about comical.

For a couple of years, we lived in 1-bedroom setups on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, usually with no dishwasher and definitely with no laundry in the apartment or the entire building. As one would expect, everything is a tradeoff when it comes to rent. One apartment had great natural light, but was on the fifth floor, no elevator. Another place was a (relatively) cheap ground floor unit, but it was miniscule.

We’ve always wondered what we could get in other cities for what we’ve paid around here, so I did a little research. Of course, this is subjective depending on what part of town you look in, etc., but it’s fun to see how different cities compare in general.



Our old hometown – a vibrant community centered around the University of Florida.

What we’d get for our money:

  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1678 square feet, newer home in a community with swimming pool, tennis courts

We would feel like we were returning as royalty moving into such a place. Continue reading