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I recently stumbled upon a new (to me) realm of the blogosphere – one where bloggers buy ad space from each other and hold group giveaways and where words like “Rafflecopter” and “linky party” are part of the vernacular. This takes our view of a blogging community to a whole new level. And we’re wading in.

Thus, I present our first group giveaway! Apparently, Rafflecopter is a platform that automates the giveaway process. Entrants submit their name and email address and do a certain task to earn an entry.

No, I’m not talking about car-crashing, slug-eating Fear Factor kind of stuff. I mean simple stuff, like Follow @arewestillcool on Twitter, which run seamlessly because the platform plugs into the Twitter and Facebook APIs. [-3 cool points for using the term API]

Here’s ye olde giveaway, hosted by Amy at Not Your Average Baby Blog. At Amy’s site, you can see the prizes, which include Starbucks gift cards, ad space to promote your blog, jewelry, and a Klean Kanteen water bottle (courtesy of the Cool Fam).

Check out the giveaway here.