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photo: Lefteris Pitarakis / AP

We now take a break from the drawn-out series on our Midwest road trip to talk about an actual hot topic: The Brand New British Royal Baby Boy. Honestly, my interest in the frenzy is at most surface level. Praise God for the miracle of life and another healthy baby brought into the world. Beyond that, I’m not really following the story of The Boy Who Would Be King But First Needs a Name.  Continue reading


A Simpsonized pic of Cool Baby from an August 2007 post.

If you’re able to tear your eyes away from this fascinating and engrossing text (if you’re in an RSS reader, quick, click over to the main site!), you’ll see that there’s a new module on the right with Cool Newbie’s adorable face on it. Clicking on Newbie’s face will take you a page set up to help new visitors catch up on our 3.5-year journey.

Going through our nearly 600 posts to find the fewest possible to tell our story was daunting. I eventually picked 30 posts, mostly quick reads, which go through Cool Baby’s early days to our move to NYC to Newbie’s birth and then to our current state.

Seeing the history in the comments made me wonder: Who’s still around here from the old days of AWSC, like when we were on Blogspot and before we moved to NYC?

And in case you were wondering (because I sure was), nothing happens when you try clicking on Newbie’s face in real life.

Now I really want a brown pointy hand cursor thing on my Firefox. Anyway, in the comments, please satisfy my curiosity —

How long have you been coming around here?

I’m not sure where the inspiration from this post came from. Probably because there is a TON of work to be done today, and my brain is desperately churning out wacky ideas to procrastinate.

So, if your family had quadruplets, what would you name them? Of course, we couldn’t just let you pick random names, but something meaningful to you. For simplicity’s sake, you can pick the genders.

Cool Mum and The Boy are running an errand, so I’ll answer for ’em. It’s almost a no-brainer that she would answer Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry. However, I think that Jerry, Elaine, George, Cozmo would run a close second.

Cool Baby would probably pick Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Cookie. Though he could go with Winston, Margaret, Tony, Gordon. Stemming from his fascination with British Prime Ministers, of course.

Being a geek dad, Fry, Leela, Bender, Hubert sound especially close to my heart. Joel, Mike, Tom, Crow have a nice ring as well.

Help me put off my work and play along: What would you name your bouncing, baby quadruplets?