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Today, our Cool Newbie is two years old! I’m so happy for our sweet boy, though I confess to feeling a tiny pang of sadness. Our baby is a little boy now. (But he’ll still be our baby for many years to come.)

Cool Newbie (Micah, for any newbies out there) was born at Mount Sinai hospital in Manhattan, and I’m sure he was thrilled about the New York, NY that would appear on his birth certificate. (We were.) He came home to a spacious two-bedroom duplex on 89th Street on the Upper East Side – with a backyard! – but it was smaller than it seemed.  Continue reading

It was only 10 in the morning, but our Saturday was already a productive one. Our landlord had just come by with a family who was interested in our apartment. (Yes, we’re moving. Again. For the eighth time in the last 4 years. More on that later.)

Now, I was crowing to Cool Mum that we were going to get SO MUCH done the rest of the day. We’d gather up unwanted clothes to take to Salvation Army. We’d buy packing tape from Target and assemble our moving boxes. Then we’d put stuff into those moving boxes. It was going to be a day of responsible and satisfying work. The Cool Fam hopped in the car to get started. Continue reading

There exist bloggers who’ve hit the big-time by posting pictures of what they wear day-to-day. Jessica Quirk of What I Wore and Miss James of Bleubird Vintage come to mind.

Of course, it takes more than just snapping a pic of your work outfit with your Blackberry in the morning. These fashionistas take great photos (or know someone who does) and, most importantly, have impeccable senses of style. Continue reading