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Before every outing, Cool Boy and I engage in this little dance, though it’s not as fun as it sounds. It goes like this:

Cool Dad: Noah, try to go pee-pee before we leave.
Cool Boy: I don’t have to!
CD: You need to try. When we go somewhere, you need to try because we don’t want to be stuck in the (car/subway/bus) and then you have to go pee.
CB: I don’t have to!
CD: Noah, we go through this every time. Go try so we can leave! (Insert potential disciplinary action depending on how the day has gone.)
CB: Okay…
(CB drags himself to bathroom. Exits after a minute.)
CB (smiling): I went!!

Relieved, we can finally leave. It may be a game to him, though I’d prefer not to do the dance EVERY time. I guess it’s better than him doing another kind of dance on the bus.

If only I practiced what I preached.  Continue reading


A wonderful day. It was so good that I’ll go ahead and give it [+4 cool points] and submit it to Mommy Poppins for the Awesome Days of Summer contest.

Up until now, our weekends have been spent sequestered in the apartment (we have an infant and a toddler), or at most, going on short trips out. But on this mild and sunny Saturday, we made downtown ours. The whole Cool Fam took a bus down to the East Village. Cool Mum and I debated over a suspicious drink bottle in the back of the bus.

We ate at my favorite breakfast spot where Cool Baby and I can usually be found for Daddy-Buddy Breakfast on most weekends. We left and CB had to go pee-pee (after he denied having to go at the restaurant), so we hit a Starbucks only to find a line of 5 guys ahead of us for the restroom. There was also a kinda crazy lady behind us lamenting that she was “going to go #2 all over herself.” I wrestled with letting her go ahead of us or letting CB go #1 all over himself. Fortunately, CM found a bathroom at a swanky boutique shop (Mart of K).


"Do I look like I have to go pee-pee?"

We walked to Washington Square Park and indulged in what was touted as The World’s Best Brownie at a street fair. It was good, though I am not experienced enough to know what The World’s Best Brownie should taste like (but I’m working on it). Cool Baby played on the playground while us old farts rested our feet.


We walked back east and Cool Mum bought a cheap nifty dress. We had a falafel salad and grape leaves at Mamoun’s and red velvet frozen yogurt (uh-mazing) at the self-serve fro-yo joint next door. Then I really took a leap of faith and bought a hat (more on that later).

We took the bus back north, the same one with the sketchy bottle, and hosted our friends for a BBQ. They brought over Nathan’s cheese-stuffed hot dogs. Whoa.

We need more Saturdays like this. We plan on getting them.


We were pleased with the happenings of the day.