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You know those cute pictures you see on Facebook where a pregnant woman takes pictures of her growing belly every week? I was just thinking the other day that no one seems to continue taking those belly pictures for the weeks after the baby was born.  The shrinking belly is just as much as part of the whole experience as the growing belly, right?

In an effort to be cool and different, or maybe uncool and entertaining, here goes a picture gallery you probably won’t find anywhere on Facebook.  It pretty much explains why people are still walking by me on the street telling me “Congratulations!!” when I don’t have any children with me.

I can only post these because this week I found out I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Yay!  The last picture was taken a few days ago.  Here goes…(gulp)

(L-R) Day 4, day 9, day 44.

(L-R) Day 4, day 9, day 44.

Last time, I boldly proclaimed that it was time for Cool Baby to leave babyhood behind, specifically in the areas of bedtime and potty training. Here is the much-anticipated


We’ve almost always had to be in the room for CB to fall asleep. We had a bedtime routine, and while the routine stayed the same, it started at a different time every night. And we never knew when he was going to fall asleep–sometimes it took 30 minutes, sometimes it took an hour and a half. It was especially frustrating on nights when we had plans (ok, i’ll admit–when LOST was on).

A couple of weeks ago, we were determined for a change. One night, I started the routine at 7:00. I briefed him on the night’s agenda ahead of time and at every step:

  1. put on PJs
  2. brush teeth
  3. read 2 books
  4. sing 3 songs
  5. I go out so he can go to sleep

CB going to sleep in his room by himself?! That was the stuff of dreams. I was always amazed by our friends who put their kids to bed early and alone.

The night’s routine went well until the moment of truth. I broke the news that I would be leaving the room so that he could go to sleep. He resisted. I was sure that it was going to end badly. But then I was inspired by a glimmer of wisdom that could have only come from God.

I reasoned with CB that his best friends go to bed all by themselves. And so does the little boy in his favorite book. His mood shifted from despair to curiosity. I could see the gears turning by the look on his face:

(insert friend’s name) goes to bed all by himself? I guess I’d never thought about that…

And the battle was won. CB agreed that going to bed all by himself wasn’t something to be feared, but was something that the cool kids did. He wanted in. I guess that the neurotic desire to be like the cool crowd starts early. Maybe it’s genetic – poor guy never had a chance.

Since that night, the bedtime routine has been nearly automatic. No longer would I put him to bed only to realize that it was then time for me to go to bed.

This new freedom has been so sweet, and it wasn’t even hard fought. Now if we can just get him to take naps.


Doo doo doo, oh
Doo doo doo doo doo doo (oh)
Doo doo doo, oh

I know that those lyrics pretty much give away the whole post, but I’ll go ahead with it anyway.

It was only two years ago that we had a tiny Cool Baby who smiled toothless grins and made sweet-smelling poo (a benefit of nursing). Eventually, the baby started crawling, then walking, but he was still wobbly and generally wordless. Now, there’s no question that we have a boy on our hands, and I’m accepting that with a little reservation. It’s because I really love the baby part of Cool Baby. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve realized that there are areas in CB’s life where he has to leave babyhood behind.

CB is one of the last (if not the last) of his contemporaries to be potty-trained. I felt a little better when I heard about kids who weren’t potty-trained until they were four, but it’s time to get CB out of diapers. Soon, life will be too hectic to deal with soiled bottoms.

For all of CB’s life, we’ve helped him fall asleep. When he was young, the cry-it-out method didn’t work at night. He would cry for hours and not fall asleep. We always had to be in the room with him.

When we moved up here, we couldn’t choose whether we wanted to be in the room with him. Living in a one-room studio kinda makes those choices for you. Even when we moved into a place with innovations like a door separating the bedroom from living room, we still helped CB fall asleep. To be honest, I liked it. It was nice, quiet daddy-son time after I got home from work. Continue reading