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I’ve never been the macho-manly type. As I’ve said before, when the dudes in elementary school were playing football, I was square dancing. I’ve historically hung out with girls as much as I have with guys, most likely even more – partly because I disliked masculine bravado, partly because I was a single guy and liked being around girls (which is a pretty masculine thing to do).

So when I read in the New York Times about the recent study that suggests that being a dad leads to a drop in testosterone, I wondered what that meant for me. I’ve never had my testosterone levels checked, but I don’t think they were ever that high to begin with. Skirting on the edges of TMI, my legs have only wisps of hair on them, and my arms are bald (and silky smooth). They were actually the envy of a few swimmer and bodybuilder friends. Continue reading

photo: Megan Thompson Lovoi for The New York Times

When I think of a ‘playhouse’, I envision a primary-colored plastic abode that fits snugly in a kid’s bedroom or occupies an unused corner of the living room. Apparently, I need to think bigger.

The New York Times looked at the playhouse industry and found that despite a sluggish economy, business is good. DIYers can get playhouse kits for anywhere between a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. But the real fun is looking at how the wealthy are erecting mini-mansions for their mini-mes.  Continue reading