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I recently realized that to become a better writer, I needed to read more. My rotation of blogs and college football forums wasn’t contributing my skill at all (though I picked up some colorful ways to denigrate the fans of universities around the Southeast). So, during long commutes and a few sleepless nights, I barreled through an assortment of sci-fi, memoirs, and popular fiction.

Reading improved not only the way I wrote, but the way I spoke. It reinforced my overall command of language. That’s when I theorized that everyone should read books, even, or dare I say, especially parents. We all know the power of our words.

To help convince you to read more, I turned to Molly Young, a talented writer who reviews books for The Economist‘s Prospero blog. Molly has written for New York magazine, n+1, Details, and GQ, to name a few. Continue reading

I’ve been wanting to do a video tour of our two-bedroom apartment in the Bronx. A few things have been standing in the way:

  • lack of natural light
  • non-lack of piles of toys, books, and clothes in every room
  • the feeling I shouldn’t spend time filming and editing said video
  • the fear we couldn’t top the epicness of the tour of the Cool Duplex anyway

There are certainly video-worthy aspects of the place, like the living room door that hung by only one hinge for a week while our landlord was out of town. (I would have drilled it back in, but was afraid of splitting the door frame.) The freezer that hums and roars when I’m trying to write in the kitchen. And Cool Mum came up with an unusual furniture arrangement (that I doubted at first) that put her and me sleeping in the living room while Cool Newbie scored a bedroom and play area (called “The BounceHouse”) all to himself.

So, lacking the time to film and edit a video, lemme just describe the place to you. Continue reading

nymagpic“It’s a scam,” my paranoid mind said when I found it under the Craigslist volunteering section. Hours later, a photographer friend sent us the same listing, found on HARO:

A major New York-based publication seeks people who have recently (within the last three to six months) moved to New York. We are looking for folks from all five boroughs to include in this large-scale photo of New York newbies. The photo(s) will run an upcoming issue.

We responded and were added to a large evite. Everyone was told to show up at Pier 59 Studios in Chelsea, Manhattan. Pier? At night? Isn’t that where the bad guys always tell the good guys to meet and then throw them off the edge into the most disgusting Hudson River water? A wikipedia search told me that the Chelsea Piers, and Pier 59 specifically, was the intended destination of the Titanic. This couldn’t be good.

Sure enough, our ever-present desire to be cool trumped our paranoia and we ventured out into that desolate corner of Chelsea. In the rain. We landed in the most cool scene we have ever been a part of. Passing by Gap and Microsoft photo shoots, we found our New York Magazine room–all-white background with modern couches and an endless supply of beer, pizza, and way cool twenty-somethings. After getting our individual shots taken, we sat in the corner with Cool Baby (the only kid there) and our old beat-up stroller trying to fit in.

Forty-five minutes later, still waiting for the group shoot to begin, Cool Dad took Cool Baby on a walk. He was stopped by the photo shoot organizer, who had previously passed right by me in the process of marking certain people’s nametags with a red A.

“You…and your boy.  We need you to come in with the A Group,” and they marked his nametag. “And do you have a wife with you? Well, bring her in too.”

Cool Baby got us on the A-List to sit right up front in a group of 160! Now I know for sure that he is the only cool one in this family. But, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying!

And that’s how Cool Baby got us onto page 27 of the April 20, 2009 issue of New York Magazine.

[+20 cool points]