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When we last checked in, we were in the sunny climes of Florida, spending time with family and friends while we talked and prayed at length about moving back to Manhattan. In the middle of February, we flew up to NYC to attend our friends’ wedding. During the trip, we stayed with friends on the Upper East Side and researched what the rents were like in the neighborhood compared to when we moved away in 2010.

I’d like this blog to not turn into BuzzFeed, but this GIF sums it up nicely:

Rents have been exploding. One friend told us their monthly rent has increased by $1,000 over the last few years. We found out that one of our old apartments was actually coming available. It was $300 more per month than when we lived there. Our dream of returning to the Upper East Side took a serious nuking.  Continue reading

While working at my favorite coffeeshop today, I’m throwing glances over to the counter, to the dome of glass that sheltered what was a half-loaf of chocolate banana bread when I got here. With AM turned to PM, there might be a slice left. It’s hard to tell since the remnant has fallen facedown on the plate without its siblings to lean on, resigned to its fate. I really want to eat it, but I’m resisting because of my dang spare tire.  Continue reading

When I was deciding whether to go to NYC, I asked Cool Newbie what he thought I should do.

CD: “Micah, should I leave?”
CN: “No.”

This was expected. I’m the family’s DJ for impromptu dance parties, and I provide valuable Lego building assistance. Unless I’m ending TV time or putting him into timeout, Newbie likes having me around. I explored his train of thought.

CD: “Why not?”
CN: “Because…you’re my daddy.”

I could’ve sworn someone was chopping onions. The way he said it – in his nasal, raspy voice – broke my heart. For him, it was simple: I’m his daddy; of course I shouldn’t go anywhere. Like, come on, Daddy…duh.

When my client meeting was scheduled in the city, the decision to go was easier. But I continue to ask him “Should I leave?” even if I’m not going anywhere. I just want to hear him say, “No…you’re my daddy,” a reminder of where I should be if ever I wonder.