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Bobcats Celtics BasketballWith March Madness and the NBA season racing toward the playoffs, I’ve had a fair amount of basketball on the TV during the weekends. Cool Baby gladly watches by my side, and it’s cool to think that there’s one normal thing about our life right now: A dad and his boy watching sports together.

We’re pretty stingy when it comes to TV time for CB, but I feel fine with him watching honest athletic competition. The only sketchy moments are during trailers for horror movies, but I just scream, “SCARY!!” and he scampers from the room, yelling and covering his ears. He peeks around the corner until I give him the green non-terrifying-commercial light.

I only like to watch games when I have a vested interest in who wins. This is natural when one of my teams, the Boston Celtics or Florida Gators, is playing. However, it’s also relevant when there’s a team that’s a rival of one of mine, so I’d like to see them lose (LA Lakers, Miami Heat, Kentucky Wildcats, et al.). Essentially, every game that I bother watching has a good guy and a bad guy.

A couple of weeks ago, we were watching an NBA game, and I was rooting against a rival team. I don’t remember the game, but the two teams were wearing green and blue jerseys, respectively, or something like that. To share some vested interest with CB, I shared with him that the ‘green guys’ were the good guys, and the ‘blue guys’ were the bad guys. He caught on quickly and rooted in line with me. I was proud.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the Orlando Magic-Phoenix Suns NBA game on. Orlando’s main colors are blue and black; Phoenix’s, purple and orange. In an NBA game, the visiting team normally wears dark colors, and the home team wears light ones, usually white. I realized that my good vs. evil context of watching sports might be backfiring on me when CB asked me such gems as:

“Daddy, are the white guys the good guys, and the black guys are the bad guys?”


“Daddy, the white guys don’t want the black guys to win.”

Now, I’d love for CB to get discovered for his talent and effervescence. However, I’ll refrain from calling the good Rev. Al Sharpton despite the near-guarantee of speaking engagements and sound bites that CB’s NBA insights could get him.

I tried to blunt CB’s statements.

“Actually, the guys in white (Phoenix) are the good guys, and the guys in black (Orlando, a rival of Boston) are the bad guys.”

He didn’t catch on and continued to preach that the white guys were good and were stopping the black guys from making baskets and winning. I wanted to guide his thinking with lessons on how to describe a person’s color versus how to describe what they’re wearing, with maybe a bit of American colonial history thrown in, too. I didn’t bother. Visions of flame comments, DDoS attacks, and ACLU lawsuits flashed before my eyes.

As March Madness progressed, I tried to be better about defining the guys in black and the guys in blue and the guys in white. I need to fix this soon because you never know; we could win the Circle of Moms Dad Blog contest (unlikely) and meet President Obama! And if our chat with the Prez turns to basketball (he’s a big hoops fan), things MIGHT get awkward.

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