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A couple of weekends ago, I played a show in Astoria, Queens with my friends Abby and Marissa. I’d love to play out more in NYC, but I want to perform original music. However, we hadn’t written enough songs to fill the 45-minute set, so they picked out some covers.

I’ll be honest, when they suggested that we do “Baby, Baby” by Amy Grant, I flinched. It’s a catchy, well-written pop song that I’m sure earned Ms. Grant lots of money. I knew Abby and Marissa would do a great job on it and make it fun for the audience.  Continue reading

Last fall, I wrote a few songs and performed them with my friend Abby, along with some of her songs, in a 45-minute set in Astoria, Queens. This was a big step for me: my first full show outside of my band. One of those songs was written just for Cool Mum, my first for her in our 13-year relationship. (Unfortunately, CM was home with the Cool Bros that night.)

Part of love is sacrifice. So, to show CM my love this Valentine’s Day, I’ll risk losing every reader of this blog by posting a video of me singing. This may work, or this may be Valentine’s Day Massacre, Part II. Either way, this goes out to the coolest girl in my life, Laura.

(Banter ends and actual music starts at 2:27.)

photo: John Shearer

Last night I watched the Grammys, not so much to celebrate today’s hottest acts, but because I wanted to know who the heck today’s hottest acts are. For years I’ve eschewed popular music in favor of indie acts. But since I’m writing more about pop culture as a job, I figured the Grammys would be a semi-classy 3-hour refresher.  Continue reading