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After taking the Cool Bros to see Lucius last month, I wanted to take the boys to see one of their faves, The Lone Bellow. We could only do an outdoor concert since any venue would be at least 18 and up. However, with festival season winding down, we only had a couple of chances left this year.

The band played a homecoming show at Prospect Park on the 20th, but we were out of town for most of the day. Our last shot was Sunday evening’s show at Long’s Park in Lancaster, PA, a 3-hour drive from us.  Continue reading


Holly and Jess from Lucius and the Cool Fam

After we planned our trip to Indianapolis, I found out that one of my favorite new bands, Lucius, was playing a couple of hours south in New Albany, IN. Given that last year’s 13-hour drive to Indy was sparked by the chance to see and interview Eisley, this quick jaunt was a no-brainer. Even better, I talked to Lucius’ publicist and secured a video interview.  Continue reading

le-taylor-tree-of-life-cover-300Last week, I boldly stated that you need Tree of Life, the debut EP from L.E. Taylor (our friend Lauren). Here’s why.

Several years ago, Lauren’s husband Nate drowned during a trip to visit his family in Oregon. Their son Jack was only a couple of months old. She found healing and hope in God’s love expressed through the family and friends around her, and in writing these songs.

And God’s fingerprints have long been on her music. In this post on her old blog, she tells the story of “Lullabye,” the last track on Tree of Life. When she was 17, the song came to her in a dream, and she woke and wrote it in minutes. The song later led to a vivid vision of her singing it over her husband’s casket. It would be years before she would meet Nate.

In the post linked above, Lauren explained,

Nathan is a ripple effect. Thus comes the name of my blog here. Maybe, just maybe, Nate’s story, my story, Jack’s story, spreads life even farther. In its sadness. In its joy. In its pride. In its humility.

I only know Lauren through blogging, but the ripples of Nate’s life have rocked me. Listening to “Lullabye” moved me to tears last week, far beneath the city in a half-full subway car. God is at work in this music, and I feel led, gently and urgently, to do what I can to join. Now, that means sharing Lauren’s music.

We’re giving away 3 digital copies of Tree of Life by L.E. Taylor. You can enter through Facebook and Twitter, and by leaving a comment on this post.

And though I don’t normally encourage impatience, go ahead and buy the record on iTunes if you don’t feel like waiting for the giveaway to end.

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