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lady-gaga-meat-dressWe didn’t watch the MTV Video Music Awards [-2 cool points]. We don’t get MTV, which is too bad because we’re missing some popular show about a Christian youth group from the New Jersey Shore or something like that.

On various headlines, I keep seeing pictures of Lady Gaga wearing a dress of raw meat. Is that cool? Hopefully the meat wasn’t sitting out, otherwise she would have been in a “rare” situation. Ha. I hope she didn’t show too much of her “rump” either. Ha ha. Boy, these puns are jerky. ANYWAY, I bet she performed her latest hit song with the haunting chorus, “Don’t call my name, don’t call my name… Carne Asada.”

You were probably wondering, but I would not wear a dress of raw meat. Yuck.

A gown of Chick fil-A fried cutlets? Maybe.

As long as they’re not right out of the fryer. Ouch.