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Cool Mum and I channeled our carefree, pre-child days and watched TV together, specifically the Oscars. We love movies, but haven’t mustered the time or energy to go the theaters or use our Netflix much in, oh, the last 3 years [-3 cool points].

Interestingly, I feel a connection with the night’s biggest winner, The King’s Speech. I attended the NYC premiere of the film when I worked for the non-profit. We had great seats, right by where director Tom Hooper introduced Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, and screenwriter David Seidler. Because the film lined up with the organization’s mission, I promoted it and followed it closely as it went from film festivals to limited release, gaining Oscar momentum at the end of 2010.

As I strive to become a better artist, whether it be writing, video making, or just plain blogging, I want to watch more movies, which are a blend of so many disciplines of art. The only movies that I’ve seen recently are Inception and The King’s Speech. Cool Mum has seen even less.

Our anniversary is this week, and we’d like to watch a movie as part of the celebration. Please tell us what we’re missing.

What movie should we watch for our anniversary?

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It’s the ugly, green monster: Envy.

I briefly check in on Twitter and a few blogs every day, and I see people talking about TV shows and movies and sporting events that they’re watching. I’d love to get in on some of that viewing recreation, but between family time and work commuting and trying to be creative, I don’t know where to fit that in.

But this is the ugly part: so many folks, in my warped sense of status comparison, seem to be doing better than we are. Their careers are taking off in new directions.Their blogs are humming along and growing. I feel like I pour my energy into a few creative pursuits, but there must be a leak in the bucket, because nothing ever seems to build up.

And I become envious. So many people have more success, yet have to work way less. I feel ugly typing that, but that sums up how I feel.

I don’t know if it’s a function of living in NYC or what. This will be one of those blog posts that will elicit either “Why did you post that?” or “Move back to Florida!” responses. Not a funny blog post at all, but a real one.

I’m curious: How do you balance family, work, and recreation?

Yeah, it’s time to once again check our weekend and assess our coolness. As if Mondays weren’t bad enough. Instead of making this a long post, I’ll split it up accordingly.


onceFriday afternoon, I found out that Irish folk rock duo The Swell Season was playing for free in Prospect Park, a large park in Brooklyn, as part of the Celebrate Brooklyn! concert series. Cool Mum and I have been fans of the group after seeing the movie Once, that starred the duo, Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová.

I was pumped to find out about the free show, but reality set in about 0.47 sec later, when I realized that it would be impossible for us to go. There was just no way for us to get the two boys (3 y/o Cool Baby and 7 week-old Cool Newbie) down there. The reasons:

  • It was a 45-min subway ride to get down there.
  • CN is too young to get on a crowded subway car.
  • CN would probably cry during the tender moments of the piano and acoustic act, enraging our fellow concertgoers and leading them to believe that we were Manhattanite members the Desecrate Brooklyn! movement.
  • It was way past CB’s bedtime.

So, we missed out on the super-cool thing to do in NYC that night, but we were actually fine with it. Instead, we spent a quiet evening at home, talking to each other in relative peace. This is something that we rarely get to do with a crying baby and constant flow of friends hanging out (which we love). So, while talking at home on a Friday night might cost us [-4 cool points], it was totally worth it.