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photo: Lachlan Donald/Flickr

photo: Lachlan Donald/Flickr

I recently filmed our friends’ wedding, and I thought it would be cool to interview them beforehand for sound bites. They’re quite young, but they displayed a wisdom at an age when my mental energies were squarely focused on mastering WWF War Zone. To paraphrase the bride:

“We’re young and we’re both going to change a lot, but we’re going to change together.”

Change has been a hot topic between Cool Mum and me for the last year. Our thoughts on life and faith reached a point of dissonance, and trying to resolve that harmony has not been easy. For some couples, there might be a simple fix. For us, it’s been a trial. Continue reading

The Cool Parents have been married for 10 years! Our anniversary was last Friday, and it was such raucous merriment that it took me a week to recover enough just to report back to you.

Of course, the big one-oh calls for celebrating BIG. Maybe a trip to stroll the Champs-Élysées. Or a jaunt to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. If long-distance travel isn’t feasible, you at least have to get out of town. A long weekend in a mountainside cabin or an out-of-the-way bed and breakfast would be nice.

Or if you want to be like us (which I hardly recommend), spend the night at a friend’s place with your two kids in the room, and your friends and their three kids asleep in the rest of the apartment. An example of close-knit community? Yes. A romantic getaway befitting a decade of marriage? Not really. But that’s life in the Cool Fam.  Continue reading

I’m a much bigger fan of college football, but when I do follow the NFL, the New England Patriots are my team. Naturally, that means that Pats QB Tom Brady is my guy.

Like myself, Tom is a young father of two. So it would be an injustice to humanity to not take this opportunity to see how my coolness stacks up against the popular pro footballer.


As a millionaire professional athlete, TB likely gets his hair cut by a savvy hairstylist with a keen, discerning eye and fleet fingers.


I last got my hair cut by an elderly Italian barber who eyed me suspiciously as if I would bolt out the door when it was time to pay my $10. [-3 cool points]



TB struggled at first as backup QB at the University of Michigan, but hit his stride in his final years there. In the NFL, he has led the Patriots to three Super Bowl victories and holds a slew of league passing and touchdown records.

During my last football game, I got hurt by a girl. [-4 cool points]


From his three victories in The Big Game, Tom has earned three Super bowl rings, each valued at at least $50,000.

On the occasion of my wedding, I consulted a local silver vendor and purchased a ring, valued at at least $5. I’m on my second since I flushed my first wedding ring down the toilet. [-5 cool points]


Tom is married to a modest young Brazilian woman who is up-and-coming in the entertainment world, making her living as a model.

I’m talking about Gisele Bündchen, and when I say model, I mean Victoria’s Secret Angel; and when I say up-and-coming, I mean that she’s languishing as just the 16th richest woman in entertainment; and when I say modest, I am joking. She walks the runway in lingerie. So I’ve heard.

I am married to Cool Mum. [+50 cool points]


Tom Brady has it all. But the cool thing is: so do I.