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It hasn’t happened in a while – thanks especially to weather in the high-60s recently – but we still dread unsolicited advice from strangers who seem more concerned with Cool Baby’s welfare than we are. I felt really convicted about it recently. Some snapshots from the Cool Fam Vacation Photo Album showed us that we could’ve done better.

Here’s when the boy wanted me to take him for a relaxing Sunday afternoon bike ride. I couldn’t turn down this fun father-son activity.


I know… we should’ve used the car seat.

Next, CB has a toy penguin that he really likes, so we figured he might enjoy a quick weekend trip.


The bed and breakfast in Antarctica was nice. Looking back, I feel bad for forgetting his mittens at home.

He still wanted more penguins, but we didn’t have time for another South Pole trip. Luckily, we found some penguins much closer.


We caught some grief, but nothing less than the best seat in the house for our boy!

After finally deciding to get away from the cold, we revisited our favorite island in the South Pacific. Boy, that was hard to find again! We were walking through the jungle and came across this scary, flashing, clicking monster-type entity made entirely of smoke that everyone was running from screaming. I just had to get a picture or two!


Then, I remembered that ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire,’ so we retreated to safer ground. I wonder what happened to our kind, muscular tour guide there?

These photos are embarrassing, but we can’t run away from our mistakes.  Plus, if we can help educate even one family, it’s worth it!

Lost is known for throwing people off, making them scrunch their eyebrows and say, “Huh?” So are we. And if you ever saw us watching Lost, I’m not sure which would mystify or disturb you more: the time-traveling happenings on the Island or the weird arrangement in the Cool Studio.

The castaways wonder if they just saw the mythical Cool ‘Rents

This is our Wednesday routine:

  • A normal work day except that I remind Cool Mum at least 10 times that the boy needs to be asleep by 9:00.
  • After work, we have dinner and proceed to wear the boy out with dancing and running around.
  • The routine begins at 7:30: bath, change into PJs, brushing of the teeth, putting away of the toys, and speaking in soothing tones that are great for relaxing a crazed, energetic guy. Oh, and we get the boy ready for bed, too.
  • By the grace of God, he falls asleep around 8:57. We drape blankets over his crib to keep it dark.
  • We turn on the TV and scramble to Lost-watching positions.

Lost-watching positions are the most disturbing part of the Wednesday routine. To keep the room quiet for CB, we plug a set of headphones into the TV. These are cheap headphones that I broke on purpose years ago to share with a friend.

The broke ‘phones

CM wears the main piece of the headphones that can wrap on her head. My piece is the small arm. To hold it in place, I put on a tight beanie cap and tuck it in to sit over my ear. Like the beanie that I wore when it was 20° outside.

Since the wire is only 3 feet long, we sit on the floor right under the TV. And the wire between the two pieces is short, so we have to lean against each other. Oh, and during commercials, we complain about how our backs hurt.

We actually have two sets of headphones, but we’d have to buy a headphone splitter to use them both. In this economy, who has the money to throw out for some newfangled gadget?

What we’ll do for some quality television viewing; so extreme that I think The Others would be proud.

In preparation for tonight’s show, I’ve been looking online for a list of LOST’s references to Christianity. What I have found is a lot of people writing about LOST who are annoyed by the thought of watching an allegory of the New Testament play out.

This is one of my favorite quotes that I found:

“…every time the show veers into Christian parable, it makes me want to gag (my reaction to organized religion in general). I understand wanting to reach into Biblical imagery and allegory for literary purposes, but if “the meaning” of Lost really turns out to be a death/rebirth story along the lines of the new testament, I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I have enough trouble with the name “Christian Shephard” as it is. But don’t let my crankiness fool you: I think this may be Lost’s best season yet.”

It’s fascinating to me that as a believer, I don’t even notice a lot of these things as I watch the show. “Christian Shephard”! Now that is funny. And the thing about the Lamp Post station being a reference to CS Lewis’ Narnia was another one that went over my head.

A separate article mentions Ajira Airways Flight 316, and the episode of the same name, and its possible association with John 3:16. I’m sure everybody caught that but me.

If you’re still reading and not bored to tears, these were the best links I could find on the subject: Lostpedia on religion and the Bible.

What references to Christianity have you noticed in LOST?