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It’s 2:38 am, and I just finished hand-wringing our clothes to dry in the bathroom. As I type, I can feel the effects of the detergent starting to dry my hands, so I better type fast. Do they make a hand softener, like they do fabric softener? Oh, I think it’s called lotion.

As we all know, when one is hand-wringing clothes to dry in the bathroom within the 2:00am–4:00am window, one’s thoughts veer toward the existential. As I twisted the water out of a pair of Thomas the Tank Engine undies to the tune of the reverberating splat of laundry water on tub, I realized that I never pictured life looking like this.

I wondered about how we got here and what’s going to happen next. We don’t intend on WonderWashing forever. Of course, laundry is not the main point here, but it’s indicative of where we are in this arc of the story. And then I thought if I could sum up where we are now in one sentence. Here’s what I came up with:

We are parents who are in a transition as Cool Dad, unemployed, continues to build his career, and Cool Mum learns how best to raise their 3-year-old and 10-month-old sons in a small apartment in New York City, one of the most expensive, competitive, and creative cities in the country.

Of course, that leaves out a lot of important details, and I could probably come up with something better during a decent hour of the day, but I think it’s a concise way to express where we are in life right now. It’s a cool exercise, too, to step back and pick what the important arcs in your story really are.

Can you sum up where you are in life right now in one sentence?