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I’ve been celebrating Lent for six days. Six crazy days. After looking at the places where I had been using my time and mental space, I realized there were two GOOD things I could replace with better things during Lent: Facebook and email!

Spontaneously on Tuesday night, I deactivated my Facebook account temporarily and turned on the vacation responder for my emails. Freedom! I am a huge fan of both forms of communication, as I believe they can give us a sense of community in the midst of a busy world where people don’t have time to see each other in person.  Continue reading

photo by Joel Salazar/Flickr

Cool Mum gave up gluten as part of her diet overhaul when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. After having Cool Newbie, she stuck with her diet and has been gluten-free (‘GF’ to those in the know) ever since. I’ve supported her decision, aside from a few (or many) complaints when it came time to pick what to get at a restaurant or grocery store.

Gluten-free is great…for her. She’s never pushed her diet upon me; I’ve been my pizza, cookie, and bread-loving self. But when we talked about what to give up for Lent, the question came up: What about gluten?  Continue reading

Cool Mum just told me that I overhyped the hugetastic news that is supposed to drop here tomorrow. What can I say: I’m a fan of the dramatic!

It’s been a whirlwind last few days as I’m working on several projects as well as did our taxes laaate last night. To be honest, I was relieved that a post didn’t have to come up here like during the 40 days of Lent. Here are a few notes during that time of daily posting:

– This is the first time that I’ve ever fulfilled a Lent commitment. And that’s not counting those ridiculous ones that I made as a kid, like “I promise that I won’t throw anyone’s pets into a canyon during the next 40 days.” Boy, would I have felt bad for breaking that one; probably more for the animal-tossing than the commitment-breaking.

– There were a few posts that I particularly liked. Cool Mum added some good ones as well. However, the commitment soon became an obligation, especially considering how busy life had already been. Overall, post quality may have gone down as I just wanted to put something up before midnight. That’s never a good thing. I think we’re a 3-4 post per week kind of family.

– The weekend before Easter, I was ready to quit the Lent commitment. It’s not because I was completely burned out, which is not the case since we made it through fine. I wanted to quit because it had certainly become an obligation. I wasn’t thinking about what God wanted to do through our blog. I was just thinking about the ‘job’ and my reputation.

It was a personal challenge, not a divinely-inspired one. I’m glad that we met the challenge, but life isn’t about overcoming our challenges. It’s about obeying and glorifying God lovingly and cheerfully.

So those are some quick lessons from Lent. We’ll see you back here on Thursday!