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Women Washing Clothes by a Stream by Daniel Ridgway Knight

Women Washing Clothes by a Stream by Daniel Ridgway Knight

This week, I’ve decided that laundry is a result of the Fall of Man. Remember the good old days before Eve took the fruit? No clothes meant NO LAUNDRY to be done! I’ve also started to identify just a little bit with the billions of women who got through life just fine before the invention of the washing machine.

Now it probably sounds like I’m about to give up on the Wonderwash. Quite the opposite! I’m getting my system down and am still keeping up with the laundry before it gets unmanageable.

Lessons this week:

1. Cranking laundry can be empowering! The rinse cycle has this irresistible swishing noise too. I guess the novelty hasn’t worn off yet…there was a time in my life when I thought mowing an acre of land for 3 hours on a non-riding lawn mower was also “empowering.”

2. Eco-friendly detergent is the way to go. When you have to handle your own laundry, you realize the harshness of regular detergent. I need such a teeny tiny amount, so the extra expense is truly negligible compared to my pre-Wonderwash days.

3. My kids don’t need as many clothes! They only wear a fraction of the clothes they own now, because we no longer have to stretch the wardrobe to make it to laundromat day. This means that when Cool Baby outgrows his 4T clothes, we won’t need to buy such a huge stash of 5T clothes. In addition, the Wonderwash and hang-drying seem much gentler on the fabrics so they’ll probably hold up better. More money-saving aspects of the Wonderwash!


Another week without hitting the laundromat, and we are still going strong! [original post and Week 1 update] This week I allowed myself a 2-day break from washings for our anniversary celebrations (what a luxury haha).  Around the same time, Cool Newbie decided to have an accident on my queen-sized bedsheets!

I was nervous about my next wash day as I saw the pile growing, but somehow I was able to catch up in one round (2 full loads) of Wonderwashing and hang drying.

This week’s lessons:

1. Queen sheets fit! The queen sheet set did fit into the Wonderwash, but it couldn’t hold much beyond that. My navy blue sheets had to be hung on the actual shower rod, which worked but was a little unsightly.

2. Stomping baskets serve a double purpose. I can stomp the water out of the clothes with them, and then later use them for transporting the dry laundry to different rooms. They are so small and cute (see photo) compared to the usual overwhelming baskets of clean laundry we had before.

3. Always wear shoes. One evening I did my clothes stomping routine without the usual flip-flops because I had left them in the room where Cool Baby was sleeping. I had used particularly cold water in the rinse cycle that day. My feet froze! Clean-bottomed shoes are a must for this crazy clothes-stomping business.

4. Drill that shower rod into the wall! I realized this week that our drying method is completely dependent on the fact that our shower rod is secured to the walls by screws. We have slippery tile, so there’s no way a regular tension rod would hold up a shower curtain, much less many pounds of dripping clothes. Our success with the chandelier is also because of those shower rod screws.

Two weeks down, six to go!

Part of Works for Me Wednesday

In our last Wonderwash video, I committed to using it for two months so that it would pay for itself. It’s been about a week and we have kept the whole Cool Family of four in clean clothes by using the Wonderwash every other day! As the mum of the family, I have been the primary laundry cranker and it hasn’t been bad. I’m very grateful that Cool Dad comes to the rescue to finish the job when the kids need my attention.

Here’s a quick glimpse into our bathroom-turned-laundromat:

And here are some Wonderwash tips based on what I learned this week:

1. Use less detergent. When I’m trying to hurry to get things done, I always forget to follow the Wonderwash directions. Instead of using a tablespoon or so, I fall into the old habit of filling up the cup. This results in some of the detergent staying in the clothes after the rinse cycle. Not cool, but totally my fault.

2. Don’t touch the soapy laundry. Another foolish thing I did this week was pushing down on the laundry inside the Wonderwash to get extra water out before the rinse cycle. Detergent can really dry your hands out (and remember, I used way too much to start with). I won’t be doing that again.

3. Stomp the water out of the clothes in small batches. In the beginning, we were dumping the whole load into our stomping basket to get the water out of all clothes at once. Breaking it up into 3-4 small batches seems to get much more water out.

4. Let your kids watch or help if they’re old enough! Cool Baby was completely enthralled with this whole process. It was nice to have someone cheer me on and pour some water into the machine for me. Visions of my boys when they’re older, doing their OWN laundry, began dancing in my head! YES!

5. Our drying racks rock! The Over Bath Airer design is so simple and so versatile. Whenever I need to use the shower/bath, I can easily move the rack to stand up next to the tub without any of the clothes falling off. The Chandelier is working out very nicely too, as it can be moved down the shower rod enough to not get wet during showers.

At the end of this week, I still feel good about the Wonderwash. Nice to think that I’m not having to part with countless quarters at the laundromat. Let’s see how next week goes.