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WonderwashToday is the final day of our self-imposedĀ 8-Week Wonderwash Challenge!

When the Wonderwash arrived, we decided to use it exclusively for 8 weeks so that it would pay for itself. Things were running quite smoothly after Week 3 when I last updated our readers.

Week 4 and Week 5 were pleasantly uneventful. I must admit though, we fell off the Wonderwash wagon big time during Week 6 and Week 7 (covering face in shame).

Week 6 was my birthday. And in my mind, I deserved a break from the Wonderwash. Instead of spending my few child-free seconds of the day cranking a handle and wringing out clothes, I decided to do something crazy. I washed my hair!

And then Cool Newbie got an upset stomach, which caused a pile of poopy PJs. And then one night, Cool Baby’s bladder let loose in his sleep. It got to the point where even if we did 5 Wonderwash loads, that pesky damp laundry would overtake every door and doorknob in the apartment.

Cool Dad did $18 worth of laundromat laundry as a birthday present to me during Week 6. Thanks, Cool Dad! And when the blowouts ended last week, I spent another $7 at the laundromat while trying to hide Cool Baby’s eyes from the violent Spanish soap operas people were watching. This week, Week 8, we were back on and hope to keep it up!

My final thoughts on the Wonderwash: It’s a water-conserving, time-saving alternative to the laundromat. I had no problems using the machine and will continue to use it.

My biggest problems came during the drying process:

1. If the bathroom window isn’t open while hang-drying, the clothes get a slight mildew smell. Yuck.
2. Sometimes the clothes feel stiff until we throw them up into the air to fluff them.
3. Even though the drying rack full of clothes can be moved out of the shower and back in again easily, it still kinda stinks to have that valuable tub/shower space taken up.
4. Big or thick items like sheets and comforters aren’t easy to dry (duh).

And the biggest problem of all….


Whew, I feel better now.


We love NYC, but there are definitely things about Florida that we miss. Our family and friends. The temperate February weather. Chick fil-A.

And how deeply do we miss those massive whirring, banging, leaking boxes of metal: our washer and dryer.

When we lived in a 3-bedroom house with a washer and dryer in the garage, I never realized how good we had it. Even though the occasional black widow would be hiding behind our washing machine, I look back upon laundry times with utter fondness.

That’s because none of the 8 apartments that we’ve occupied in NYC have had laundry. For a year and a half, we carried back-breaking bags of clothes to and from the laundromat. For the 6 months that we lived in the Cool One-Bedroom, we also lugged those loads up and down 4 flights of stairs.

Our friend gave us a granny cart last year, and that helped tremendously. The task was still hard, especially in cold or wet weather.

Once Newbie started blowing out his diapers with regularity (and how regular he is!), something had to give. As much as CM loved the social aspects of laundromats, we couldn’t go as much as needed, so CM turned to her superpower, online research.

And she may have found our answer in the form of the WonderWash. It’s a portable, hand-powered washing machine that is made to fit in small places. It was only 40-something bucks on Amazon, so we ordered it, along with some other accessories.

This could be a real gamechanger. Stay tuned as we find out just how wonderful the WonderWash can be.

photo: muffet