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Last night, I attended the annual benefit gala for the American Institute for Stuttering (AIS), the non-profit that I worked for. This was gala #3 for me. Here are a couple of photos from the first one:


Emily Blunt was honored at that gala for her accomplishments after growing up with a debilitating stutter. Her then-kinda-under-wraps beau John Krasinski attended, and we sideswiped him for a pic as he headed to the sushi table.

From the second gala: Continue reading


Concerned with the economic slowdown and the rising cost of paper and office supplies, we contacted Dunder Mifflin to see if they could beat our current supplier’s pricing and OK enough with the fake story. Yes, that’s us posing with John Krasinski, aka Jim Halpert of The Office. The non-profit that I work for had its annual benefit gala last night, and Mr. K was there to support his girlfriend Emily Blunt, who was honored at the event.

It was exciting and nerve-wracking to be around celebrities. I mean, just ask what John thought about his photo op with Cool Mum and Cool Dad!

Back on earth, I try to downplay being a fan, but when we saw people that we’ve seen on TV and film for years, we lost our cool. Since last night, I’ve been thinking about being starstruck. What is it about celebrities that made me so badly want a picture with them?

If given the chance, I would love to hang out with a celeb that I like, but this wasn’t even hanging out with John K. This was tag-teaming with another couple that wanted a picture with him and ambushing the poor guy when he tried to make for a food table. We exchanged approximately 1.37 sentences, the deed was done, and John was high-tailing it to the finger foods, relieved that we didn’t ask him to sign a body part.

I am reminded of something that Dave Trottier says in his book The Screenwriter’s Bible. When advising on how to sell a screenplay, he says not to be intimidated by Hollywood players. They’re people just like us lowly screenwriters except with different jobs. Well, big-time actors just have a different job than me – one that makes them millions of fans and dollars, but it’s still just their job.

As much as I want to love my job and do what I love to do, I don’t want to be solely defined as a person by it. I’d want to be remembered as loving and God-fearing first and then by my accomplishments second. So, I shouldn’t let someone else’s job totally embody who they are, especially to the point where I bum-rush their access to the California rolls.

Who are some famous people that you’ve met? How did you act around them?