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It normally takes a while for kids to warm up to strangers, but thanks to her 64-bit A7 processor, Siri wasted no time in winning over the Cool Bros. Sure, she was helpful in firing off a text or looking up the weather, but the bond really developed when we started giving her offbeat questions or statements. Her unintentionally – or intentionally – hilarious replies were a hit.  Continue reading

The drive onto the Manhattan bridge is a bumpy one.

If you felt out of sorts yesterday, it may have been the mobile navigation world getting turned on its head – or just a case of the Mondays. At least in my part of the world, I was shocked and awed when Google Maps led me astray and Apple Maps came to the rescue.

I have an iPhone 4S, and life as an iPhoner was peachy until the iOS 6 update. I don’t use 3D mapping, so I’m not bothered if Apple Maps depicts a bridge in Europe melting into the Abyss. However, the lack of subway stations is frustrating. And I was annoyed when the GPS had me doing U-turn donuts in Brooklyn.

I had a client meeting in Westhampton. With the Brooklyn snafu fresh in my mind, I went old school and printed directions from Google Maps. The sheet of printer paper sat loyally in the passenger seat and guided me to the hamlet of Westhampton. Continue reading

Here are the entries on the ‘recent Google searches’ list on my phone. Each one has a little backstory behind it. I can even recall the different emotional states for each search: frustration, enthusiasm, curiosity, and so on.

  • short fiction
  • n+1
  • more weight or more reps
  • [unrecognized phone number that called me; turned out to be a business contact]
  • zelda skyward sword
  • reset acer aspire one to factory
  • wii no signal to tv
  • applu boric acid
  • kids car seat plane
  • tsa baby food
  • do kids need identification to fly
  • cvs pelham bay
  • alvin and friends menu
  • pocketbook

What does your recent search list say?