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As I perused my news feed, I did a double take when I saw a friend’s name in one of the headlines. Then I realized her name was a common one, and she shared it with a reality TV personality. I guess there are worse public figures with which to share a name; just ask our auto insurance rep, Osama Bin Stalin. Continue reading

In the summer of 2011, I’m pretty sure that I made social media history. I got a marketing internship with Yelp, which must’ve made me the oldest Internet intern EVER at the age of 34. In a field with CEOs in their 20s, I think that intern positions are most often given to middle schoolers, or at least college students like some of my fellow interns.

As part of my internship, I got the snazzy I * NY shirt that you see at the right. The shirt’s just for Yelp employees, and we wore it when we worked at events. The asterisk-looking symbol is the Yelp Burst, a part of their logo.  Continue reading

Yesterday I caught up with one of my best friends growing up, Trey. He’s one of those friends that I know we’ll be friends forever, but I wouldn’t exactly call him a BFF because I’m a guy and guys don’t call each other BFFs. Unless that’s the cool thing for guys to do now, then, yeah, he’s a BFF.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t spoken in a while with Life happening the way it does. We each have two kids and plenty going on. On a lark, I finally thought to ping Trey on Gmail chat to initiate a Life-Updating Instant Messaging Session. Not exactly a high school reunion or catching up over coffee, but we take what we can get. Continue reading