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Testing out a new camera lens

After 20 days, 3000 miles and five families imposed upon, the biggest Cool Fam Road Trip yet is over. Well, ‘imposed upon’ is kind of strong. I happen to think my grade school chum Trey was pretty amused when I refused to sleep on sheets with a mere 400 thread count, and amusing people is how I bring light into the world.

Our loose outline of a plan was to stay a week in Indianapolis with our friends Ben and Polina, head west to Denver and Yellowstone, then break south to Texas to see Trey, who had taken off work to hang out, and other friends. An ambitious plan, especially with two kids in the back of our boxy hatchback, but neither Cool Mum nor I had witnessed the natural wonders of the American West. We were almost halfway there; why not keep driving?  Continue reading


Call us weird, but we like to explore cemeteries.

After a winter stay in Florida that ended up lasting six months, we were hopeful and excited to return to NYC, get our own place and keep pushing toward a future in the city. After six months of not staying in a home of our own, we were finally going to rest.

But being more flip-floppy than my Reef sandals, more wishy-washy than our Wonderwash, we’re now on the road again. Not for six months, and (probably) not for even six weeks. I obviously haven’t gotten summer roadtrips with the band out of my system, because America (hold for effect) is calling.  Continue reading

We love a good concert. We waited all day in line for U2 (front row!), brought friends to Hartford to babysit Cool Boy while we saw Coldplay, and stayed out way late to watch The Last Royals cover U2. And then this, which earned a coveted “You guys are crazy” analysis from our friends.

On Monday, we got up at the usual too-early time to the rhythm of Cool Newbie banging on his door like a newly jailed inmate. It was a full day of child-rearing and work. Then at 8pm, we started stuffing clothes and baby monitor components into duffel bags. By 9:30, we were piled in the car with said bags, driving west. Thirteen hours later, we were in Indianapolis. Continue reading