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After the text tour of our Bronx apartment, the world was clamoring for something more…visual. We aim to please!

When we got home from our Indy roadtrip, I took stock of our apartment to see if Irene junked it all up (any more than usual). Here’s what I saw.

And so you know, our apartment doesn’t usually have most of our possessions in cardboard boxes with empty boxes piled in the kitchen. Of course, we couldn’t help but engage in our favorite NYC activity as soon as we got back: Moving!

The 48 hours following our return from Indy consisted of painting, packing, and lugging boxes out of the old place, into the new. This was our 9th move since moving to NYC three years ago. Whew.

The new place, a 2-bedroom, is smaller but nicer, with recent renovations and more natural light coming in. The main area is more open than our last, and the Cool Boys can comfortably play and we can have company over. And it’s cheaper!

I’m sure we’ll give you a proper video tour when we start packing to leave it.

The Cool Fam visits Ohio PotteryAs mentioned before, instead of dealing with possible power outages and flooding, we drove west to avoid Hurricane Irene, which had her sights set on New York City.

We debated stopping in New Jersey to stay with my mom’s friend. And then we considered partying at State College, home of Penn State University. Pittsburgh looked promising, given reports of an emerging arts and culture scene, but we steeled ourselves to go on. We had friends further west that we wanted to see, and after someone (not CM) called it a “stupid” idea, my mind was made up. Continue reading

Last week’s road trip out west to avoid Hurricane Irene was a long one. On the equally long drive back, I needed a boost to keep me alert and awake on the road. Caffeine doesn’t do anything for me, but music does.

Enter Spotify, a streaming music service with a library of over 15 million songs. Basically, you can search for an artist, song, or album and play it instantly. It’s awesome.

It’s free to use Spotify on your computer if you can tolerate the occasional ads while streaming music. You can upgrade to Unlimited ($4.99/mo) to remove the ads. However, you have to upgrade to Premium ($9.99/mo) if you want to use Spotify for streaming music on your phone. With the night drive ahead of me, the $10 monthly fee was well-worth us getting back safely. Continue reading