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We’re pulling our traditional double duty in Florida right now, enjoying quality family time in the warm weather. Over the last few days, we doubled our caloric intake in case a freak blizzard snowed us under at home. Or maybe it was because there are 154 times as many Chick fil-As in the state of Florida (154) as there are in New York (1). Continue reading

This picture has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but I am very thankful for our Cool Newbie.

It’s our third Thanksgiving in New York City, and after hosting last year, we’re celebrating out of the Cool Home.

Tomorrow, we’re heading down to Manhattan, steering clear of the parade traffic, and invading our friend’s West Village home for the holy trinity of Christian alliteration: Fun! Food! Fellowship! Continue reading

There’s something new on the blog that at the same time is something old. You probably haven’t noticed it since it was added last week or so. I’m talking about the “new” item in the middle of the menu bar that says ‘COOL POINTS.’

Long ago, when the blog was young and I was a doe-eyed dreamer at the tender age of 30, we had a fun way of keeping track of our coolness using Cool Points (that we either added/subtracted ourselves, or someone gave to us in the comments). We actually kept a detailed tally of our Cool Points, just like balancing a checkbook, except that one is a crucial life skill and the other a sign of neurotic self-obsession. Continue reading