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Are you ever late for something, like an assignment at school or an overdue library book, but instead of rushing to get it done, you just put it off even more? That’s probably just our weird neurosis. Anyway, that’s how I felt about this post: A quick recap of our busy last weekend – which we loved – at BlogHer. I was thinking of just shelving it, but there aren’t many occasions where you can watch Cool Mum dance around wearing a bag from a prominent fast food restaurant chain.


BlogHer kicked off Thursday with some special events during the day and a video keynote address from President Barack Obama in the late afternoon. I missed the Prez because I racing to finish my work since Friday and Saturday were completely booked. I made it in time for the Evening at the Expo, which started at 6pm.

Our main reason for attending BlogHer was to meet people. There aren’t many bloggers in our circles of friends, so we don’t usually have a chance to talk about the thrills and travails of spilling your life out online for the world to see. We wanted to meet some like-minded folk and have riotous discussions about analytics and RSS feeds. And we hoped for the slim chance that if people actually met us, they might be tricked someday into reading our blog.  Continue reading