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Today, I want to write about the birthday of my curly-haired beloved, whose gentle smile and unique sass have had an eternal impact on my life. So, I’m thrilled to say…

Happy Birthday, Ron Palillo, better known as Arnold Dingfelder Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter! Going strong at 63, my man!

Har, har – I couldn’t let April Fool’s go by without a little pranksterism. Of course, I’m really talking about our curly-haired, gentle-smiling, uniquely sassy Cool Mum! Happy Birthday, my love!!

We’re going out for a late lunch in Queens and then free birthday fro-yo on the Upper East Side. Then I’m going to abandon CM in the city to wander around and eventually find her way home. If you don’t think that’s a birthday blessing, you probably don’t have kids.

Wish Cool Mum a happy birthday in the comments, and say what you would get her if money were no object!

Yesterday was Cool Newbie’s first birthday!

Just a couple of months ago, I recapped the birth of Newbie as it was certainly the top moment of 2010. The year has flown by in some ways: seeing li’l Newbie grow from a squinty, feather-light newborn to a speed-crawling, independently standing baby. In other ways, the year has felt like a complete 12 months: figuring out how to raise two young children, in addition to the challenges of living in expensive NYC, in addition to all of the transitions we’ve undergone.

It’s strange to think that this is the only birthday for Newbie’s entire life where he won’t understand that it’s his birthday. So in lieu of a party with hats, streamers, glitter, and clowns, we instead celebrated with friends over Mexican food. And then I did laundry.

As our birthday present to you, here are 12 photos to commemorate our sweet first 12 months with Cool Newbie!



Teaching him to tweet


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Today, my favorite little big boy (as opposed to my favorite little baby boy, Cool Newbie) turns 4 years old! Cool Baby is such a cool buddy to me.

My parents have two kids, Cool Uncle and myself. I’ve always been the little bro. Sometimes, it seems like I treat Cool Baby like the little bro I never had. Not in a Wayne Arnold-Kevin Arnold sort of way – I’ve never called him ‘butt-head’ – but in a playful running-around-laughing kind of way. Often, we’ll be snickering together about something that Cool Mum is in the dark about. And we’d most likely have a backyard tree fort with a sign that says ‘NO GIЯLZ ALLOWED’ if only we had a little necessities like lots of lumber, a backyard, and a tree.

I can’t wait to celebrate his birthday. We have a pretty full schedule planned, and hopefully the Cool Boys will last the day. Given Cool Mum’s passion for healthy eating and our mission to keep CB off of sweets, he probably won’t get a traditional birthday cake. Anyone ever had a birthday rice cake?

Happy Birthday, Cool Baby!!