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‘Tis the season when parenting blogs across the internet highlight the intricate DIY costumes that their families wore for Halloween. Like mom-sewn versions of Princess Kate Middleton’s dresses or Elmo costumes made from Elmo’s actual fur. We made sure that everyone dressed up this year ’cause I was not about to miss out on the $2 burritos that Chipotle was offering to customers in costume.  Continue reading

There’s something new on the blog that at the same time is something old. You probably haven’t noticed it since it was added last week or so. I’m talking about the “new” item in the middle of the menu bar that says ‘COOL POINTS.’

Long ago, when the blog was young and I was a doe-eyed dreamer at the tender age of 30, we had a fun way of keeping track of our coolness using Cool Points (that we either added/subtracted ourselves, or someone gave to us in the comments). We actually kept a detailed tally of our Cool Points, just like balancing a checkbook, except that one is a crucial life skill and the other a sign of neurotic self-obsession. Continue reading

It’s going to be a weekend full of trick-or-treating and Halloween parties. Wait, you don’t have a costume yet? No judging here – we’re last-minute people, too, which is why we’re here to totally save your Halloween cred.

While your friends overlap their costume ideas, you can breeze in knowing that you’ll be a one-of-a-kind! Of course, I’m saying that you should dress up as your 10th or 20th-favorite bloggers: Cool Dad and/or Cool Mum! Us! Continue reading